Dues Policies


Members may request a monthly or quarterly installment plan. When you receive your annual dues invoice, please respond immediately letting staff know you wish to set up an installment plan and provide the following information:

  • Number of installments requested
  • Amount to pay per installment
  • Preferred date of first installment payment
  • Preferred method of payment – check or credit card



Determining dues forbearance or reduction is at the discretion of the Executive Directors:

  • For members who cannot pay the full dues amount at one time, a payment plan with minimum 20% down can be established. In worst case scenario, we extend forbearance for up to a year. At end of year, members need to pay up the back dues, and will be billed for dues for the current year.
  • For members who cannot pay the full dues amount given financial hardship, a one-time dues reduction may be extended. Member workplaces are asked to contact staff immediately if dues create a financial hardship to maintain current membership.
  • If members do not pay dues or partial dues for over a year, their membership will be terminated. The staff recommends terminations to the membership committee, which will have final vote on terminations. See ‘Dues Non-Payment Policy’ below.



Members who have not paid dues will lose benefits after 90 days, and a notice will be sent to them saying benefits can be re-instated if dues are paid before 6 months. If there is still no communication, membership will be terminated a month after this notice is sent.  If two-way communication is established and a payment plan is made, membership stays active. However, if a payment plan is suggested and dues are still not paid by 365 days from the date of invoicing, membership will be terminated.

Payment plans, with a written contract can be made on a case-by-case basis at staff discretion.

If a membership is terminated and a member wishes to renew membership within a calendar year of the termination, the member is required to pay back dues in order to reinstate membership and receive full benefits. Otherwise, the member must re-apply for membership the following year and is illegible to receive member benefits until their membership is current.