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Position Summary
Do you have experience and the proven ability to create and achieve an effective policy agenda? Do you have at least three years of experience navigating California state government? Do you live in Sacramento or the Bay Area, or are you willing and able to travel to all necessary events and meetings in those areas? The Sustainable Economies Law Center is looking for candidates who can use their knowledge, experience, and relationships to advance the Law Center’s policy objectives at the state level.

Experience with policy advocacy at other levels of government is a significant plus. Ideal candidates will both proactively advance the Law Center’s vision through bill sponsorship, campaigns, and other efforts, as well as monitoring and intervening in other bills and efforts that relate to our interest areas. In this position, you’ll be working primarily with our Policy Director and policy team, and will also have opportunities to collaborate with other Law Center staff as you engage with virtually all areas of our work, connecting them to opportunities at the state level.

This position will leverage the Law Center’s expertise in our primary issue areas — land, labor, and law — to advance powerful, relevant policy solutions to real issues that impact our constituents. Our communities of interest include immigrant communities, BIPOC, poor, low-income, and other marginalized people, as well as small businesses, cooperatives, and democratic community-owned projects that are primarily led by and benefit these communities (e.g., People Power Solar Cooperative, and EBPREC). A major project for 2021 will be helping to coordinate a multi-stakeholder campaign for a worker ownership-centered state economic recovery agenda (read more about the WORC coalition and its policy agenda).

Required Qualities, Skills, and Experience

  • An advisor: We want you to help the Law Center better connect all areas of our work to the CA state policy arena, including developing policy strategies, identifying policy windows for our work, and developing and maintaining key relationships that grow our political power. (There will also be opportunities to engage at the local and federal levels).
  • A trainer and mentor: We want a heavy-hitting policy advocate and an effective teacher who enjoys sharing knowledge and sees the value in growing the policymaking skills of the whole team.
  • An action-oriented self-starter: We’ll ask you to take initiative, dream up creative ideas, engage with the staff collective to incorporate feedback and cultivate support, convene effective teams, develop action plans, problem solve, and get things done! You must have the ability to work well independently and remotely; have strong time, organization, and task management skills to meet deadlines; and be able to ask for and graciously receive feedback and support when things are challenging or unknown.
  • A committed collaborator: We want to work with someone who possesses the qualities of kindness, diligence, integrity, and patience. It is essential that you value collective, democratic processes; enjoy sharing information, empowering others, building leadership, and mentoring; and thrive in a team environment where you’re learning from and working closely with others, including regularly soliciting and integrating feedback from coworkers, and taking direction from and reporting back to various staff teams. Law Center staff are committed to fighting for economic, social, and racial justice, and want to work with someone who is excited to advance our mission and vision alongside us.


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