The U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops is using the online chat application Slack to create a forum for our members to connect.

You’ll be prompted to register for an account.  Make sure to go to the #welcome channel to introduce yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create channels?

Only admins can create channels, but it’s easy to request a channel - simply email with SLACK REQUEST in the subject line.


How do I use Slack?

Slack has already created a wealth of “how to’s” - you can check those out here.


What if I like getting emails about my important member updates?

Slack will be in addition to the emails we already send you, so don’t worry! You’ll still get the regular, important updates by email. You can also set up Slack to send to your email account.



Slack uses channels to keep help focus conversations. In the USFWC Worker Co-op Slack, we have specific channels for our member councils, peer networks, and for specific topic areas. Want to suggest a channel? Email us at with SLACK REQUEST in the subject line.


Channel name Description
#general For important updates from the USFWC about Slack - only admins can post in this channel
#welcome Introduce yourself to the group! Make sure to include your organizational affiliations, and location.
#mc-policyandadvocacy Public policy and advocacy topics, including work happening at federal, state, and local levels
#mc-unioncoops Discussions related to building bridges between worker cooperatives and organized labor.
#pn-conversions For workers at businesses that are in the process of or have converted to the worker co-op model
#pn-farming For workers at businesses that work in the farming/agriculture industry