Support SB 1407, the CA Employee Ownership Act!

March 21, 2022

We're counting on your support to ensure this bill becomes law. Here is what we're asking:

Send a Letter of Support! 

  1. Download the SB 1407 bill factsheet and make a copy of the template letter of support. Fill in your organization's information.
  2. Email a copy of your letter of support to WORC Coalition Coordinator Bernadette and she’ll upload it on your behalf. Please do so by Friday, March 25th. 


Ask folks in your networks to support SB 1407!

  1. Reach out to people in your networks to ask their support for SB 1407. You can share the template letter of support. Ask them to complete it and send their copy to
  2. You can use this blurb to give context on SB 1407 & ask for support:The Worker-Owned Recovery California (WORC) Coalition is excited to be cosponsoring SB 1407, the CA Employee Ownership Act! This state senate bill will advance worker ownership in California by increasing resources for and reducing barriers to worker-led business models. It will benefit California workers, businesses, and local economies. More detail on the bill can be found in the bill factsheet. The WORC Coalition is looking for support to get SB 1407 passed. Please take a moment to make a copy of this letter of support, fill in your information, and send a copy to The WORC Coalition will submit the letter on your behalf.
Join the WORC Coalition.
If you are interested in joining, fill out this quick survey to register your interest. And feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or thoughts!

Join us for a Virtual Brown Bag to learn about SB1407

March 16, 2022

Sign up for our SB 1407 Virtual Brown Bag on Monday, March 21st from 12pm-1pm! Use this link to register. More info here.

Thanks in advance for your support and solidarity!