Espacio de Membresía

Welcome to the USFWC Member Space!

Here you'll find everything for members, from accessing benefits, finding out about new resources, participating in board of directors elections, details about upcoming annual member meeting, latest public campaigns and member discussions.

News for Members

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There are 4 spaces for discussion and organizing around issues of importance to the USFWC  membership:

  • Movimiento de Inmigrantes en Cooprativas (Immigrant Council)
  • Policy and Advocacy Council
  • Racial and Economic Justice Council
  • Union Co-ops

Learn more about these councils and how to get involved with them

Principle Six - offers from your fellow members

Means TV, a worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service that has a library of movies, TV & news, with new content added every week.
Means TV is offering to all USFWC members free Means TV subscriptions in solidarity. You can sign up using the code USFWC and your sub will be free forever.