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Welcome to the USFWC Worker Benefits Program

Open Enrollment for 2024 dental and vision benefits, and accident and short-term disability benefits will run from October 2, 2023 to December 7, 2023

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Enrollment is open to all USFWC members.

Health Insurance (in select states), HRA/HSA/FSA benefits, and Vivana perks are available on a rolling basis.

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About the Worker Benefits Program

We know that the only true path to health equity in this country is comprehensive and free healthcare for every person -- and that’s why the USFWC has endorsed Medicare for All. We also know that our members have healthcare needs NOW, and by pooling together, we can make the cost of quality workplace benefits less expensive and easier to administer. That’s why the USFWC Worker Benefits Program exists.

Since 2018, we’ve provided our members with an option for group dental and vision insurance for their workers. To date, over 60 of our member organizations in urban and rural areas across the U.S. have participated in this program, with over 600 people participating in the program presently. In 2022, we continue to offer dental and vision benefits, medical insurance in some states, and new accident and disability benefits for on and off the job. This year also brings a new, low-cost option for administering tax-advantaged funds for healthcare costs through HRAs, FSAs and HSAs.

We are also in a research process to introduce a retirement benefit, and to expand health insurance options.

Each of our programs include a small fee so we can support your organization with administration and maintain and expand our avenues to affordable benefits products. To join our Worker Benefits Program, please fill out this form! Questions? Contact us at!

How to enroll outside open enrollment for new USFWC members:

Workplaces may email to enroll as an organization. This includes organizations of all classes of USFWC membership. Associate members must pay a minimum of $500 per year in membership dues to qualify.

Here's how it works:

  1. Email us at to let us know you're interested in enrolling.
    • Employees of organizations that are already enrolled who did not opt in last year may fill out this form to enroll.
  2. We will send you an Enrollment Roster to list the workers to be enrolled, along with a contract for the services that your organization is enrolling in.
  3. Each employee will fill out a secure form with their personal information
  4. We will send a confirmation of enrollment and work with you to ensure everyone has enrolled.

After you're enrolled:

  • You will be billed from the USFWC for dental and vision separately at the beginning of the month based on the amount of employees enrolled on the 1st of that month. e.g November 1st, you would be billed for November coverage.
  • For general health, disability, and accident insurance, you will be billed annually according to the rate sheet

Your vision and dental rates as well as the USFWC admin rates are set through December 31st, 2022.