Coming Soon: 2021 Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment will take place from October 1-December 9, 2020

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Upcoming and Past Webinars

Accident and Disability Insurance Webinar Coming on September 21 - sign up here!

Dental and Vision Insurance Webinar Recording here.

*NEW for 2021* HRA/HSA/FSAs for Healthcare Costs - Check out our Worker Benefits Webinar from July 29 to learn more, ask questions, and start planning benefits for 2021!

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Benefits Programs

Our dental insurance is available in every state at a competitive rate with rich benefits.

2019 - 2020 Dental Coverage
Provided by Ameritas (previously United Concordia, we moved our services to United Concordia as of Jan 1, 2019).
English / Spanish

Find details and 2021 rates here (English) (En español)

Our vision insurance is available in every state at a competitive rate with rich benefits.

2020 - 2021 Vision Coverage
Provided by EyeMed
English / Spanish

Find details and 2021 rates here! English  /  En español

2020 General Health Insurance Coverage

Finding high-quality insurance at affordable rates for groups or individuals is extremely challenging in the United States. Plus, health insurance works a little differently in every state, making it impossible to have a one-size-fits-all solution for our members across the country. We have gathered resources and built partnerships to help USFWC members access health care more easily and more affordably.

Group medical insurance is available at rates offering more benefits at better price points than state markets in Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Check this information in English or Spanish for more details.

If you are interested in general health insurance coverage, this link will begin to give you a picture of options.

Options are different state-to-state, so please email us at for details and help in Spanish.

Cost of Enrollment

There is a $250 annual fee to enroll your organization in health insurance through the USFWC Worker Benefits Program.

HRAs, FSAs and HSAs - three options to make pre-tax funds available to workers to pay for healthcare costs. Depending on your organization and its eligibility, these structures can be used for health care premiums, out of pocket costs, as well as childcare.

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)- Company sets aside a certain amount of money per-worker (not taxed as payroll) for healthcare costs. Some types of HRAs are specifically for workers to pay for health insurance premiums.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)- A savings account that belongs to the worker, not the company, to pay for healthcare costs. HSAs require you to have a qualifying high deductible health plan.
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - An account that complements a group insurance plan through a workplace to pay for additional healthcare costs.
  • Dependent Care FSA -  An account that allows workers to designate pre-tax income to use for qualifying childcare expenses for children 13 and under, as well as certain types of older adult dependent care.

Tax-advantaged plans with the Harrison Group - English / Spanish

Accident Insurance - coming 2021!

  • What is accident insurance? Accident insurance offers payments to cover out-of-pocket costs related to experiencing an accident, such as ambulance costs, hospital copays, follow-up treatments, and lodging or equipment related to recuperation.
  • It can supplement medical insurance or provide stop-gap coverage for people ineligible for general health insurance
  • It applies to accidents that happen at work or outside of work.
  • Who can sign up?
    • To access accident benefits, member organizations must pay a one-time annual fee. At that point, any worker at that organization may sign up directly with our broker.
    • Workplaces are not required to pay a portion of the monthly accident premiums, but are encouraged to do so if possible.
  • Accident Coverage
    Provided by Colonial Life
    English / Spanish

Short-term Disability Insurance - coming 2021!

  • What is short-term disability insurance? Short-term disability insurance is paid for by the individual, not the workplace. It provides partial replacement of income in the event that an individual cannot work because of pregnancy/childbirth or because of an injury or illness that originated outside* of the workplace
    • * Injury or illness that originates on the job is typically covered by workers' compensation insurance (workers' comp). Coverage for illness or injury on the job is available at an additional cost for anyone without access to workers' comp. Workplaces interested in paying for group disability insurance should contact to get an organizational quote.
  • Why is it important to sign up now? Sometimes, the short-term disability insurance company can deny coverage for preexisting conditions; however, for those who sign up during open enrollment for 2021, no one can be disqualified, and coverage is guaranteed-issue.
  • During Open Enrollment all enrollees are guaranteed issue. This means:
    • Individuals with preexisting conditions that originated before the first day of coverage will be eligible to receive benefits for leave relating to those conditions after one year of enrollment
    • Individuals with conditions that originate after the first day of enrollment will be immediately eligible to receive benefits for disability leave relating to those conditions
    • Workers who are new to their workplaces and new USFWC members will be eligible for guaranteed issue (see above)
    • Workers who are not new to USFWC and existing USFWC members who wish to enroll or expand their benefits will NOT be guaranteed issue, and preexisting conditions may never be eligible for enrollment AFTER the first Open Enrollment (INCLUDING future Open Enrollment periods)
  • Who needs disability coverage?
    • Disability can affect any one of us at any time, and disability insurance ensures that, in the event you suddenly cannot work because of an eligible illness or injury, you still get part of your income for up to six months.
      • Typically, disability insurance does not include coverage for preexisting conditions; however, for our special 2020 open enrollment period, preexisting conditions will be eligible for coverage beginning one year after the coverage start date
    • This special 2020 enrollment period is particularly important for those who have chronic conditions that may eventually impact one’s ability to work, even if they do not right now.
    • While short term disability does not cover loss of income due to incidents that happen on the job, it is particularly useful for those whose jobs involve manual and/or strenuous labor, and whose ability to work may be more significantly impacted by illness or injury. For example, if you break your leg outside of work and you are a construction worker, your ability to do your job may be more impacted than if you break your leg outside of work and you work at a desk. However, disability cannot be predicted and can impact any person at any time in a variety of ways.
  • Who can sign up?
    • To access disability benefits, member organizations must pay a one-time annual fee. At that point, any worker who works over 20 hours per week may sign up directly with our broker.
  • Disability Coverage
    Provided by Colonial Life
    English / Spanish

We’ll be connecting members to pre-vetted retirement savings programs. Stay tuned for more information!

The USFWC is proud to offer health-related benefits and perks to its membership, provided through Vivana. There are discounts on food, electronics, movies, and a lot more.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

  • 15% off Healthy Paws pet insurance
  • Discounted movie tickets to Regal Cinemas and AMC.
  • Discounted hotels
  • Discounted enrollment at Planet Fitness Gym

Members, email to get your organization's access code.


About the Worker Benefits Program

We know that the only true path to health equity in this country is comprehensive and free healthcare for every person -- and that’s why the USFWC has endorsed Medicare for All. We also know that our members have healthcare needs NOW, and by pooling together, we can make the cost of quality workplace benefits less expensive and easier to administer. That’s why the USFWC Worker Benefits Program exists.

Since 2018, we’ve provided our members with an option for group dental and vision insurance for their workers. To date, over 40 of our member organizations in urban and rural areas across the U.S. have participated in this program, with nearly 500 people participating in the plan. In 2021, we will continue to offer dental and vision benefits, medical insurance in some states, and new accident and disability benefits for on and off the job. This year also brings a new, low-cost option for administering tax-advantaged funds for healthcare costs through HRAs, FSAs and HSAs. We will also be offering our members pathways to retirement funds.

Each of our programs include a small fee so we can support your organization with administration and maintain and expand our avenues to affordable benefits products. To join our Worker Benefits Program, fill out our form here! Questions? Contact us at!


How to enroll outside open enrollment for new USFWC members:

Workplaces may email to enroll as an organization. This includes organizations of all classes of USFWC membership. Associate members must pay a minimum of $500 per year in membership dues to qualify.

Here's how it works:

  1. Email us at to let us know you're interested in enrolling.
    • Employees of organizations that are already enrolled who did not opt in last year may fill out this form to enroll.
  2. We will send you an Enrollment Roster to list the workers to be enrolled, along with a contract for the services that your organization is enrolling in.
  3. Each employee will fill out a secure form with their personal information
  4. We will send a confirmation of enrollment and work with you to ensure everyone has enrolled.

After you're enrolled:

  • You will be billed from the USFWC for dental and vision separately at the beginning of the month based on the amount of employees enrolled on the 1st of that month. e.g November 1st, you would be billed for November coverage.
  • For general health, disability, and accident insurance, you will be billed annually according to the rate sheet

Your vision and dental rates as well as the USFWC admin rates are set through December 31st, 2020.