USFWC members have access to a wide range of benefits and services designed to support business growth, promote democratic governance and management best practices, and foster ongoing worker-owner/member development.

Providing cooperative-specific business support for members is a primary service area. Consider the Federation your go-to-partner for assistance in establishing and growing your democratic workplace.

The USFWC Co-op Clinic has a network of peer advisors, all with strong social and professional ties, who provide technical assistance services to worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces.

Custom Business Consultations – Member workplaces can request a 1-hour customized business consultation that includes specific resource recommendations, expert referrals, and need-based technical assistance support. This benefit is an update to, and fully replaces, USFWC’s prior benefit of 4-hours of free technical assistance per member per year. 

Growth Planning & Loan Readiness Support in partnership with our friends at Shared Captial Cooperative.


The USFWC is your national advocate  representing the interests of worker cooperatives with federal agencies and elected officials. In addition, our staff and Board support national, state, and local advocacy initiatives.

We are also members of the National Cooperative Business Association, American Sustainable Business Council, and CICOPA. Many member benefits extend to USFWC members through these national partnerships.



Healthcare is a human right. The USFWC explores ways to effect systematic change for small businesses everywhere, while also offering a robust Worker Benefits program to provide more affordable health benefits to our members.

Our Worker Benefits Program includes:

  • Dental insurance provided by Ameritas
  • Vision Insurance provided by Eyemed
  • General Medical Insurance (available in select states)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs),  Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Accident insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Retirement Savings Research
  • Perks by Vivana

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From online webinars to local workshops, regional conferences and our bi-annual national conference, the USFWC partners with ally organizations, such as the Democracy at Work Institute, to provide ongoing learning opportunities for individual workers and workplaces across the country.

The USFWC provides education about the worker co-ops and convenes cooperators through our Member Councils and Peer Networks. These spaces provide opportunities for members to connect with each other based on business stage/type or other specific interests. Through a combination of conference calls and in-person gatherings, these networks and councils meet occasionally throughout the year.

Conference Discounts – Receive member-only discounted registration rate to the National Worker Cooperative Conference, Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, Western Worker Cooperative Conference and other regional events.

Scholarships for events - Members are eligible to request scholarships to attend any event that supports their personal or organizational growth in the co-op sector. Visit to get inspired by upcoming events.

Local Workshops & Online Webinar Series – Hosted in-person and online, we provide topical skill-based workshops for worker-owners with varying levels of democratic workplace experience. Receive member-only discounts on any workshop registration costs.

Local Organizing - As a national organization, we support member-led local organizing, mostly through collaboration with local cooperative business organizations.