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The past few years have made it clearer than ever that our world is in need of new economic systems and ways of reimagining work. These times call for collaboration and leaders in all sectors are looking for on the ground wisdom about how to make collaboration work while deepening everyday democracy in the workplace. The USFWC is excited to connect the voices of the worker coop field to the spaces where they can make the most difference.

Members of the USFWC’s Speaker’s Bureau have years of hands-on experience living these models out in the field of worker cooperatives. They are ready to share their insights in engaging and relatable ways to a variety of audiences. Whether you are looking for an introduction to solidarity economics and worker co-ops or running a conference for seasoned worker-owners who want to delve deeper into a particular topic, the USFWC Speaker’s Bureau speaks to your needs.

Our disclaimer: Members of our Speakers Bureau are not employed by the USFWC and their statements do not represent any official positions of the USFWC.

How it Works

  1. Browse our list of Speaker's Bureau members below and find the right speaker for your group.
  2. Fill out the "Request a Speaker" form with your preferences and the selected speakers will be contacted. 
  3. They will respond within 48 hours and, if accepting the invitation, will work out any logistics directly.
  4. Once the engagement is completed, you will be asked to complete a very short survey letting us know how it went.

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