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The USFWC Co-op Clinic has a network of peer advisors, all with strong social and professional ties, who provide technical assistance services to worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces. 

Though we can support you in all-around small business areas, we specialize in technical assistance that cooperatives need specifically: decision-making, co-op finances, boards, bylaws and more.

Our staff and peer advisors can help you…

  • Create a roadmap for starting or converting to a cooperative.
  • Find the right structure and governance for your democratic workplace.
  • Get training in cooperative finances.
  • Become loan ready.
  • Finish your business plan.
  • Create policies that work for your team.

Co-op Clinic Mini Guides

Check out these short guides on the fundamentals of worker ownership prepared by the USFWC’s Co-op Clinic. For more topical guides on conflict, accountability, structure, financing, membership fees, funding for technical assistance, boards and more, visit our worker cooperatives mini guides page here.

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