Sonia Erika

Sonia Erika [EN/SP] all pronouns
From weed to music, Sonia Erika is the daughter of formerly undocumented laborers.

She is very familiar with collectives and cooperatives. It is her ideal working space. She has worked with Brightly™/Center for Family Life, a language justice co-op, various cannabis co-ops, artists co-ops and more! Although there are challenges, she appreciates working in non-hierarchical structures, which is why she’s so excited for web3 and blockchain technologies.

Her mission is to use cooperatives to give power to the people. Sonia gives power to coops in a variety of mediums such as video editing, brand strategy, group facilitation, and listening.

Her vision is to connect the physical and virtual world in a holistic health conscious manner.

Aside from cooperatives, Sonia tells stories through music with a nomadic band under the title Death Is A Business. Before music, Sonia Erika lobbied to legalize weed for black and brown people in the state of Massachusetts.

Sonia Erika is a member of a collective empowering travelers, artists, and co-ops.