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Peer Networks are spaces for peer connection and collective learning around industries or topics. Explore and join USFWC Peer Networks below.

Federation Partners

About the Peer Network: A member and invitation-only peer network for regional organizations focused on cultivating local worker co-op ecosystems.

How to Join: This peer network is invitation-only. Members should email membership [at] usworker [dot] coop for more information.

Holding Change Cooperative Consulting Peer Network

About the Peer Network: The Holding Change Peer Network aims to encourage cross pollination and collaboration among facilitators, educators, and other magical creatures that support democratic workplaces and worker cooperatives holding change. Naming inspiration from Holding Change by adrienne maree brown.

How to Join: Please fill out this short application form.

Tech Worker Co-ops

About the Peer Network:A community of worker-owned tech cooperatives committed to making the software, information technology, and digital media industries better for all people. The Tech Peer Network creates an alternative tech space where women, people of color and other underrepresented groups are centered. Each meeting provides space for resource sharing, group problem-solving, and organizing for change in the tech industry.

How to Join: This Peer Network is only open to USFWC members, and requires a brief application to express interest and provide basic information to the network. Please fill out this application if you are interested and eligible.

Co-op Academies

About the Peer Network: The Co-op Academies Peer Network is a community of practice for educators, facilitators, and other practitioners to share resources, lessons, and inspirations from worker co-op academies across the US. The network grew out of conversations of New Economy Coalition members in 2021 and became a USFWC peer network in fall 2022.

How to Join: Email academies-subscribe [at] lists [dot] usworker [dot] coop to join the email list. Reach out to maureen [at] usworker [dot] coop with any questions.

Language Justice Co-ops

About the Peer Network: The Peer Network is made up of worker cooperatives who provide language-related services like interpretation, translation, transcription, multilingual capacity building, interpreter training and language education.

How to Join: Email membership [at] usworker [dot] coop to be added to the listserv

Listserv Only

Build and Design

About the Peer Network: This peer network is for worker cooperatives in the construction, solar and landscaping industries. Its goal is to encourage and facilitate the conversations that foster peer advisory and mutual aid as well as to identify programs and benefits that the USFWC could develop to support members in these industries.

How to Join: Email michael [at] usworker [dot] coop to request to join the peer network’s listserv.

Operations & Human Resources

About the Peer Network: This Peer Network is for discussions about operations, administration, and human resources at worker co-ops and democratic workplaces. Members are invited to ask and answer questions and share resources on topics such as finances, bookkeeping, personnel policy, employee benefits, staff evaluation, hiring and firing, compliance, project management systems, office technology, and more.

How to Join: You can subscribe to the listserv here

Cooperative Booksellers Peer Network

About the Peer Network: The purpose of the Cooperative Booksellers Network is to promote mutual support and collaboration among worker and consumer owned cooperatives in the United States and around the world. We believe cooperatively owned bookstores can promote workplace democracy, sustainable local economies, and an economy that places people over profits. We come together in the spirit of the sixth Cooperative Principle which states that cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures.

How to Join: Email michael [at] usworker [dot] coop to request to join the peer network’s listserv and monthly meeting calendar events.

Worker Co-op Farms

About the Peer Network: The Worker Co-op Farm Peer Network is a space for worker coop farms from across the U.S. to share stories, do peer advisory, communicate, and share strategy and resources.

How to Join: Members should email membership [at] usworker [dot] coop for more information about this peer network. 

Peer Networks in development:

Contact membership [at] usworker [dot] coop for questions about any of these in-development peer networks.

No Peer Networks are currently in development. Please contact the membership team at membership [at] usworker [dot] coop to discuss new peer network ideas.

Want to start a peer network?

The USFWC is always open to providing a platform and a space for members to gather together around important issues and sectors of the worker co-op community. Please contact the membership team at membership [at] usworker [dot] coop to discuss new peer network ideas.