Want to start a peer network?

The USFWC is always open to providing a platform and a space for members to gather together around important issues and sectors of the worker co-op community. Please contact the membership team at membership@usworker.coop to discuss new peer network ideas.

Federation Partners

About the Peer Network: An member and invitation-only peer network for regional organizations focused on cultivating local worker co-op ecosystems.

Meeting times: Quarterly on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 2:30pm ET - check our events calendar to see the next meeting. 

How to Join: This peer network is invitation-only.  If you belong to a regional network of cooperatives, email membership@usworker.coop for more information.

Tech Worker Co-ops

About the Peer Network: A community of worker-owned tech cooperatives committed to making the software, information technology, and digital media industry better for all people. This peer network aims to create an alternative in the industry by centering women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups as well as by breaking down systems of oppression and advancing uses of technology for justice and liberation. The Tech Worker Co-op Peer Network is a great way to cultivate new clients for your co-op and get real world feedback from tech peers on how to apply cooperative principles within the tech sector.

Meeting times: Monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at 4pm ET - see all the next meeting times on our events calendar

How to Join: The Tech Worker Cooperative Peer Network is open to all USFWC members. If you are a member and you would like to request an application, please email membership@usworker.coop.

Worker Co-op Farms

About the Peer Network: The Worker Co-op Farm Peer Network is a space for worker coop farms from across the U.S. to share stories, do peer advisory, communicate, and share strategy and resources.

Meeting times: Currently active via listserve only. 

How to Join: Members should email membership@usworker.coop for more information about this peer network. 

Peer Networks in development:

  • Democratic Food Worker Co-ops network is currently being designed to connect grocery co-ops and other co-ops in the food and beverage sector in an attempt to build self-sufficient food systems and to realize food justice and sovereignty.
  • The Build and Design Worker Co-ops Network is for worker cooperatives in the construction, solar and landscaping industries; its goal is to encourage and facilitate the conversations that foster peer advisory and mutual aid as well as to identify programs and benefits that the USFWC could develop to support members in these industries.

Contact membership@usworker.coop for questions about any of these in-development peer networks.

Language Justice Co-ops

About the Peer Network: The Peer Network is made up of worker cooperatives who provide language-related services like interpretation, translation, transcription, multilingual capacity building, interpreter training and language education.

Meeting times: Currently active via listserve only. 

How to Join: Members should email kate@usworker.coop for more information and to join this peer network. 

Operations & Human Resources

About the Peer Network: This Peer Network is for discussions about operations, administration, and human resources at worker co-ops and democratic workplaces. Members are invited to ask and answer questions and share resources on topics such as finances, bookkeeping, personnel policy, employee benefits, staff evaluation, hiring and firing, compliance, project management systems, office technology, and more.

Meeting times: Currently active via listserv only. 

How to Join: You can subscribe to the listserv here