The survey will open May 15 - July 15.

The USFWC is your advocate for worker cooperatives at all levels of government. This program has grown rapidly over the last few years, and we recognize the importance of having multiple points of engagement to understand to understand:

  • what challenges are worker co-ops running into, that might benefit from government support?
  • where are people within the worker co-op community engaging in advocacy work, and how can we support those efforts?
  • what issues do our members think are most important to advocate for regarding the support and expansion of worker co-ops, their regions, and their industries?
  • how are people most excited and able to be engaged in advocacy?

We look forward to engaging with USFWC members, partners, and allies to understand our priorities as a membership organization, where we should be focusing our advocacy efforts, and what opportunities exist short- and long- term change.