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Note: to be considered, applicants must reside in NY, CA, WA, MA, MD, TN, PA, or DC.

Guilded is a platform cooperative committed to building worker power, community,  collective advocacy, and financial stability for freelancers. Through Guilded, freelance workers are able to receive administrative support,  guaranteed on-time contract payments, and a suite of worker benefits traditionally reserved for employees. As a cooperative, unlike other platforms that offer purely transactional services, Guilded offers freelancers a pathway to ownership. Guilded is gearing up for a national launch as it organizes the freelance labor sector, with special focus on art and creative freelancers.

We are anchored in commitments to racial justice, artists as essential workers, and cooperative ownership. We use financial solidarity to deliver better conditions for low-income workers, Black and Indigenous workers, and other workers of color.

As an initiative of the USFWC (U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives), Guilded was incorporated in 2020. The USFWC is a national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives and other democratic workplaces ,whose mission is to build a thriving cooperative movement of stable, empowering jobs through worker-ownership. USFWC represents over 350 member workplaces, comprising over 10,000 workers across the country. USFWC supports its members by advancing worker-owned, -managed, and -governed workplaces through cooperative education, organizing, advocacy, and development.

Member Services Manager Role

The Member Services Manager is a crucial leader in bringing users and members to Guilded and ensuring that Guilded’s tech platform serves user and member needs. The Member Services Manager develops and maintains high-value user benefits; is the lead staff person for processing user contracts; and ensures a smooth and positive user experience.



User & Membership Services (45%)

➔   Lead staff on contract processing for Guilded users and members

➔   Lead staff point person for user and member communication about contracts and payments

➔   Ensure a smooth and positive user experience; support the growth of Guilded’s membership; all in coordination with the Outreach Team and General Manager

➔   Oversee member requests for services, tech support, and information about membership

➔   Create strong, caring relationships with potential users and members

➔   Support new users in utilizing Guilded’s platform of services, such as support with invoices, enrolling in healthcare, and the guaranteed payment pool.

➔   Track Guaranteed Payment Pool funds and user benefits expenses

➔   Lead staff on plugging prospective members into the steps necessary for them to be full members

➔   Pitch Guilded at external groups and meetings


User & Member Benefits (35%) Build and manage a suite of high-quality benefits for users; analyze benefit usage for ongoing improvement and development

➔   Pilot and steward partnerships for Guilded’s benefit offerings

➔   Continually review benefits pricing scheme

➔   Track benefits usage

➔   Research, develop, promote and evaluate member benefits

➔   Manage and promote existing benefits with focus on high-impact and potentially revenue-generating benefits

➔   Generate accurate and accessible documentation around Guilded user benefits

Tech Systems Build Out (10%)

➔   Support tech buildout and process automation

➔   Work with Guilded and USFWC staff to ensure that Guilded’s platform is accessible, efficient, and scalable

➔   Work in collaboration with staff, members, and users as part of platform beta testing


Organizational Development (10%)

➔   Support strategic growth in partnership with the General Manager with a focus on internal systems, capacity, and culture

➔   Collaborate with the General Manager and Outreach Team to support programmatic, recruitment, communications, and technology platform goals

➔   In partnership with General Manager, work with the bookkeeper to manage Guilded’s finances

➔   Provide reports as needed on Guilded’s financial position; support fundraising efforts as needed

➔   Co-create the culture of Guilded’s team through meetings, check-ins, and communication with colleagues.

➔   Work with the General Manager and Outreach Team to ensure capacity to meet goals; communicate when changes need to happen

➔   Participate in staff communications, evaluations, meetings, and retreats

➔   Support and collaborate with other staff to complete team projects as needed


Qualities of a Successful Applicant

●      Ability to Communicate Needs and Questions – for Guilded to succeed, we need strong, regular communication across the team.

●      Ability to embody a “radical care” approach – We want Guilded members to feel our commitment to relationships.

●      Trust builder – We want to demonstrate consistent and clear delivery of services and benefits to our members in a way that makes it easy for them to invite their closest friends to join Guilded.

●      Strong commitment to service – Together we will cultivate an atmosphere of excellence

●      Autonomous and collaborative – We will provide you the space to manage your workflow and collaborate with us so we can connect and adapt as we grow our membership.



●      Racial Justice Efficacy: Deeply understand and implement work in a way that supports racial justice.

●      Organizing Experience: At least two years of experience organizing alongside communities.

●      Member Services, Customer Support, or Community Relations Experience: At least two years of experience providing support services to a community.

●      Program Management: Proven experience leading successful program work. Able to perform necessary research and development, implement a program, manage a program budget, conduct evaluation, and ensure ongoing program improvement

●      Exceptional written and verbal communication skills; capable of communicating effectively with a wide range of people and through many communication channels (small group, public speaking, mass emails, facilitating conference calls, print, etc)

●      Stakeholder Engagement: Highly effective at engaging diverse stakeholders, listening to many perspectives and able to provide necessary leadership

●      Local/ National/ International/ or Community Organizing: Passion and experience with organizing for racial justice, workers’ rights, and a solidarity economy

●      Creative Problem Solving: Demonstrated ability to foresee obstacles, generate and implement solutions, and manage long-term changes as needed

●      Technology: Proficient with Microsoft Office, Google apps, AirTable, management of listserv,  online channels for communication (we use Slack) and project management online tools (we use Asana), comfortable with software for online video conferencing


Additional desired experience (desired not required)

●      Knowledge of financial management, financial reporting, and/or bookkeeping

●      Experience with cooperatives, e.g. as a worker owner or cooperative developer

●      Knowledge of app or web development, including personal experience or experience working with a firm or contactor to develop tech solutions




Compensation & Benefits: This is an exempt, full time position at 40 hours/week with base FTE salary compensation of $62,800. For candidates who prefer working less than 40 hours/week, there is the possibility of a pro-rated salary based on no less than 35 hours/week ($54,950). This position will be eligible for fully subsidized individual and family vision and dental insurance, and a choice between fully subsidized medical coverage for the employee or a post-tax healthcare stipend. Other employee benefits include flexible paid holidays, annual vacation, and the opportunity to set up a pre-tax health or child care Flexible Spending Account.

About Being on Staff: Because Guilded is being incubated by the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives, all Guilded staff are currently employees of USFWC, subject to USFWC benefits, payroll and personnel policies. USFWC is a rapidly expanding, fully remote workplace with eighteen employees (including Guilded employees) spread across the country. Guilded currently has 3 staff and several contractors as part of USFWC.

Location: We maintain a flexible work environment, including remote working and occasional out of town travel for work as health guidelines allow. At this time, we are only accepting applications from the following 7 locations where the USFWC is established as an employer: New York, California, Washington State, Massachusetts, Maryland, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Applying: To apply please send a resume, cover letter, and 3 references from current or former workplaces (or significant organizing initiatives) to Make the subject line of your email “Your Name, Application for Member Services Manager.” The position will be open until filled, but applications submitted by June 15 will receive priority.

The USFWC is an Equal Opportunity employer. We highly encourage applicants of color, applicants who grew up poor or working class, LGBTQIA+ applicants, and applicants from other historically marginalized communities to apply.

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