Devastating fire at the Highlander Research and Education Center

We are deeply saddened to share that our dear friends at Highlander Research and Education Center have experienced a devastating fire at their education center. Knowing that our work must be done in partnership and support of trusted partners in other social movements and organizations, our hearts go out to the entire Highlander community and we call our community to support Highlander in this time. We’ll be sharing statements from Highlander itself on our social media channels, including this first one:


Highlander has been a movement home for nearly 87 years and has weathered many storms. This is no different. Several people were on the grounds at the time of the fire, but thankfully no one was inside the structure and no one was injured.

While we are physically unhurt, we are saddened about the loss of our main office. The fire destroyed decades of historic documents, speeches, artifacts and memorabilia from movements of all kinds, including the Civil Rights Movement. A fuller assessment of the damage will be forthcoming once we are cleared to enter the remains of the building.

We are grateful for the support of the many movements who are now showing up for us in this critical time. This has been a space for training, strategy and respite for decades and it will continue to be for decades to come.


Watch a video message from the Highlander Center’s Co-Executive Directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Rev. Allyn Maxfield-Steele.

Another official statement was released on April 2nd; we urge you to read and share it.

We also encourage all to donate to to support the Highlander Center.


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