Say hello to our new Programs Manager, Morgan Crawford

I am thrilled to announce that Morgan Crawford will be joining the USFWC staff as our new Programs Manager for the USFWC. Having most recently served as NASCO’s Director of Education, Morgan joins us with 8 years of experience in cooperatives, with half of that time spent on the Eastern Coordinating Committee (the elected body that runs the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy). Morgan is also a board member of ACE (the Association of Cooperative Educators), and has participated in local and international visits to worker co-ops from the Pioneer Valley to Quebec City. Morgan’s time will be focused on supporting our core membership, communications, and fundraising (including sustainers) programs. Because he is based in NYC, he will also be coordinating the USFWC’s New York ecosystem partnerships in worker co-op development and educational events. Many of our members have already had the joy of meeting Morgan through events and programs produced by DAWI, NCBA, NASCO, NYC NOWC, ACE, CEANYC, the New Economy Coalition, and our most recent USFWC Membership Meetings held in New York. We are so happy to have Morgan on our team, and we look forward to more of you hearing from Morgan and the rest of our staff at the USFWC.

  • Esteban Kelly, Executive Director

Hi there! I’m very excited to be working for the Federation, especially with such a strong team of co-op rockstars on staff. I’m looking forward to working with our members during the coming year, both nationally and at home in NYC.








Here’s a little more background on Morgan— you can also reach out to him at morgan[at]usworker[dot]coop 

Morgan is the Programs Manager for the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives. First introduced to cooperatives through living in student and community housing co-ops in California and Iowa, he spent the past four years with the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) organizing educational events and programs for the members and staff of cooperatives in the U.S. and Canada, building relationships with regional and national cooperative organizations, and facilitating the empowerment of young cooperative leaders.

Morgan strives to support the development a cooperative movement that is universally accessible, socially just, economically democratic, and environmentally sound. He is a governance nerd, a passionate educator, and a lover of effective and supportive meeting facilitation.

Morgan also serves on the Eastern Coordinating Council of the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy and the board of the Association of Cooperative Educators. In his free time, Morgan can be found sailing a historic tall-ship around the New York Harbor, singing with the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus, and spending time with his family.

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