The Co-op Academies Peer Network is here!

Highlights from our Member Councils and Peer Networks – December 2022 

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Through Member Councils and Peer Networks, USFWC members are shaping the future of the worker co-op movement in the U.S. by sharing resources, collective problem-solving & learning and political advocacy for a worker-centered economy. Here are the highlights for this month from some of our Councils & Networks:


  • The Co-op Academies Peer Network is here! This group grew out of a New Economy Coalition meeting last year, and had its first meeting as a USFWC Peer Network this past November to discuss their academies’ plans for 2023 and challenges they’re facing. The group will meet quarterly on the last Monday at 3:30-5pm ET (next meeting February 27th). For folks who are interested in or currently lead academies to help prospective worker-owners launch new cooperatives, email


  • In November, the Cooperative Booksellers Peer Network met to discuss occupancy issues and how they utilize commercial spaces. On December 20, the group will focus on bookstores and community organizing, with insights from Red Emma’s and other worker co-ops. For folks who are interested in or are part of co-op bookstores, email


  • Last month, the Tech Worker Co-ops Peer Network had its first meeting since June to share updates and discuss the future of the network. They will now continue meeting regularly on the second Wednesdays of each month at 4pm ET. For worker-owners of technology cooperatives or those interested in democratizing the tech industry, email for more information about this Peer Network. 


What’s coming up in 2023?

  • Policy and Advocacy Council meetings every first Thursday (for general updates) and third Thursday (for strategy discussions) 
  • Union Co-ops Council meetings every second Friday of even months 
  • Federation Partners Peer Network meeting in late January (quarterly) 
  • Co-op Academies Peer Network meeting on February 27 (quarterly) 
  • Co-op Booksellers Peer Network meeting every third Tuesdays 
  • Tech Worker Co-ops Peer Network meeting every second Wednesdays

Our events calendar will be updated soon with all the dates listed above.

If you are interested in joining any of our Member Councils and Peer Networks, email our Strategy Coordinator Michael Brennan at

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