The USFWC is taking a slowdown this summer

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Like so many people, our staff has been challenged to the max by COVID-19. From supporting rapid-response work and mutual aid at the outset of the pandemic, to shifting our meetings and conferences to 100% virtual, to teaching and caring for our own kids, to recovering from COVID ourselves — we’ve grown a lot, and we’ve gotten stronger, but we’ve also had to set some important things aside. Now that we’re no longer in crisis response mode, it’s time for a reset.

So, the USFWC staff will be taking a “summer slowdown” during June 23 – July 31 to make time for rest, reflection and longer term projects. Our offices will be open, but we will pause most of our regular meetings, and it may take us longer than usual to respond to questions and requests. Here’s what to expect:

  • Some of our regular events and meetings will be paused.
  • We may not respond to non-urgent messages right away, but you can expect responses within 2 weeks.
  • There will be a pause on all webinars, except for our Worker Co-op Startup webinar on July 9

Is this just a big long vacation? No! We have a lot of exciting plans for the fall — like launching a new collection of TA packages through our Co-op Clinic, hosting two all-virtual regional conferences, and massively growing our freelancers cooperative. The slowdown will help us re-center ourselves for that work, and for the longer-term work of transforming our economy. This opportunity to focus on strategy and systems will help us make sure that we can more sustainably accomplish these big Fall projects.

If you’re wondering how this affects you, or something you’re working on with us, please reach out and we’ll figure it out together. Just understand that we might not respond immediately.

We deeply appreciate your support and patience as we take this time.

In gratitude & solidarity,

The USFWC Staff

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