Graphic with photo of a multiracial, multigender group wearing cold weather clothing standing in the middle of a downtown street. Next to the photo are the words “2023 board elections. Nominations for the USFWC Board of Directors are open! Nominate someone from your workplace or a fellow member workplace before Monday, August 7th. “

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Each year, USFWC members elect candidates to the Board of Directors. On odd years, we hold an election for our At-Large Directors, and on even years, we elect our Regional Representatives, who advocate for the co-ops in their area.

In 2023, we are recruiting candidates to run for five at-large director seats.

Know a great candidate? Recommend them!

If you are part of a USFWC member organization, you can recommend any number of people to run for the board. Use this form to recommend a candidate – or ten!

Ready to run? Nominate yourself!

Use this form to self-nominate. If you still don’t have your workplace’s endorsement, you can still fill out the form. But make sure to secure the endorsement before August 7th.

Why run for the board?

  • Be a key part of building the worker co-op movement in this country.
  • Network with other co-op and economic justice organizations.
  • Travel to local, regional, national worker cooperative conferences.
  • Represent the US at the international worker co-op federation, CICOPA
  • General Assembly and as part of international delegations
  • Board members are not compensated for their time, but USFWC does cover expenses incurred in the course of regular board service, such as travel.

Questions? For more info, contact membership [at]

Overview & Candidate Eligibility

  • USFWC is led by a member-elected Board of between 5 and 9 directors.
  • There are 4 regional representatives (elected in years ending in even numbers) and up to 5 At-Large representatives (elected in years ending in odd numbers)
  • Voting member classes include: Worker Cooperative, Democratic Workplace, Cooperative Developer, and Federation Partners. More about all member classes available here.
  • Any worker-owner of a voting member workplace may run for the Board, with support from their workplace (or employee in the case of Democratic Workplace, Coop Developer and Federation Partner members).
  • Before they run, a candidate’s workplace must have been a USFWC member for at least one year.
  • At-large candidates can run from any voting member workplace and are voted on by the entire membership.
  • The candidate can speak Spanish or English – our board is a bilingual space.
  • Only one person can run per member workplace.
  • If you have concerns about travel due to immigration status or other reasons, our staff will work with you to address needs.

Board Commitment

  • Board terms are two (2) years from date of election.
  • Attend our annual 2-day, in-person Board retreat (tentatively scheduled for the Fall/Winter)
  • Participate in monthly 2-hour Board meeting via conference call, plus preparation time.
  • Participate in at least one Board committee (2 - 6 hours work per month).
  • Attend and participate in annual membership meetings and national conferences.


  • May 24th - Candidate nominations open at Spring Member Meeting
  • Aug 7th - Nominations close
  • Sept 7th - Voting begins for voting members
  • Oct 12th - Voting ends for voting members