Peggy Fogarty [EN]

Peggy Fogarty [EN] She/Her
Peggy Fogarty is an expert with 20+ years of experience in cooperative business consulting, organizational governance, and leadership development. Her mission is to build and strengthen democratically governed enterprises to achieve economic justice and community empowerment.

She is a strategic systems thinker with a successful track record of consulting and training over 250 organizations through various stages of development. She is instrumental in bringing organizational vision and missions to life by listening, articulating, inspiring, empowering, and uniting people to achieve common goals. As a skilled facilitator, Peggy creates a safe space to elicit complex, insightful, and honest perspectives where all ideas are vital.

Her portfolio includes worker-owned and producer-owned enterprises in diverse industries. Her clients of business owners include homecare, taxi, grocery, coffee shops, produce, dairy, eggs, shellfish, small meat processors, food banks, and food manufacturers.

Peggy served in various roles at KDC, a Cooperative Development Center in Pennsylvania, stepping down as the Executive Director in December 2021. As a food systems advocate, she was an early organizer of the Community Supported Agriculture movement. Her business evolved into Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, which is now cooperatively owned by 150 small family farms.