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The Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA) is a worker-owned cooperative business devoted to strengthening movements, organizations, cooperatives, and groups that are committed to winning social justice and a solidarity economy. AORTA is currently made up of 12 worker-owners, and is a fully remote workplace. We work as facilitators, trainers, coaches, consultants, and practitioners to catalyze and sustain successful, leaderful movements composed of skilled, democratic, principled, and courageous people and organizations that are able to build collective power and work in solidarity through liberatory praxis (action, learning, reflection).

AORTA’s newest work includes four public program offerings:

  • Headwaters, a facilitation training and apprenticeship program
  • Uprooting White Supremacy trainings
  • Confluence, a cohort-based program for groups seeking to build greater organizational alignment with anti-oppression principles
  • Coaching for Liberation, a leadership coaching circle dedicated to building greater capacity for shared leadership in social change organizations

As members and co-owners of a cooperative business, we are also committed to supporting each other and other cooperatives. AORTA is not only committed to bringing an intersectional analysis of systemic oppression and movement-building into the world of consulting, facilitating, educating and training; we are also committed to aligning our own internal practices with our externally stated values, developing and sharing our own liberatory structures for operations, democratic governance, and shared leadership.

AORTA Is Hiring a Program Administrator!

As AORTA’s work and reach has grown rapidly in the last few years, we have identified a need for additional internal capacity for project management and administrative coordination. We are looking to hire one full-time worker-owner candidate based anywhere in the US for this new position.

The Program Administrator will provide essential administrative, logistical, and communications skills, support, and capacity to AORTA’s public-facing programs. This worker will partner directly with the content and facilitation lead for each program, bringing tactical thinking, task coordination, creative problem-solving, and administrative skills to ensure that AORTA’s programs run smoothly and efficiently.

This worker will also ensure that AORTA’s programs serve our core constituencies and impact our desired audiences through implementation of program-related communications and marketing. In addition to providing the “back end” leadership and capacity for each program, the Program Administrator will also partner directly with AORTA’s Program Coordinator (one of AORTA’s elected Coordinating Council management roles), to ensure logistical coordination across programs and build cohesive administrative systems and best practices to streamline program support. Please note that facilitating and consulting will not be part of this role; program administration, logistics, and communications competencies are a must.

In hiring a worker-owner candidate, we are looking for a co-worker and co-owner who is excited about committing to the cooperative for at least 5 years. We are strongly invested in our organizational theory of change, and seek co-workers and co-owners who are ready to join us in committing to the vision and practice it articulates.

AORTA also deeply values our workers’ ability to articulate and apply to our work a liberatory analysis based on many kinds of lived experience. As anti-oppression consultants, we know that building a cooperative team that brings together worker-owners from a diverse range of identities, experiences, and social locations is both essential for our business and our vision, values, and political principles. In particular, because the areas below are central to our work, we welcome and strongly encourage candidates with the following kinds of lived experience and related political analysis to apply to work at AORTA:

  • Anti-Black racism, white supremacy, colorism, and Black liberation
  • Settler colonialism, indigenous liberation, and anti-indigeneity
  • Racism and being targeted by white supremacy
  • Anti-immigrant sentiment and xenophobia
  • Gender-binarism, heterosexism, and queer and trans struggles for liberation
  • Disability, ableism, audism, and disability justice
  • Poverty and class struggle
  • Incarceration and prison abolition
  • Religious/spiritual oppression
  • Anti-fatness and fat liberation

How to Apply

  1. Review the full hiring announcement, available at
  2. Review the Program Administrator role description and priority qualifications, available at
  3. Review AORTA’s Theory of Change, available at
  4. Submit cover letter and resume in Submittable ( before the May 4 deadline

Applications for this position are due by 11:59pm PT, May 4, 2022.

We will not be responding to any individual inquiries regarding this job posting.

Starting on May 5, the AORTA hiring team will carefully review all applications received, and expects to conduct two rounds of interviews for this position. Our goal is to make an offer to the successful candidate in July 2022, with a desired start date before September 2022.

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