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The Cheese Board Collective is a worker-owned Cooperative. Our pizzeria, cheese shop and bakery are looking for new members to join our cooperative business. Before membership workers must complete a 6-month candidacy period. Candidates will work primarily at either the pizzeria or cheese shop and bakery where they are initially hired. We are looking for a long-term commitment, preferably five years or more.

If you are interested in applying please join us at our Open House (1512 Shattuck Ave) on Monday, November 11th 2-4pm to meet our hiring committee.

Please bring the following:
• Resume
• Brief cover letter (optional)
• Cheese Board Collective Application (attach up to one page if needed)
• References

We will only accept applications during the open houses. If you cannot make it to one of the open houses we will not be able to accept your application at this time.

We encourage people of color, women, queer, and trans-identified folks to apply. We are striving towards a diverse and supportive community. We do not discriminate in our hiring based on race, gender or sex, religion, size, age, sexual orientation, marital status, economic background or educational history.

Benefits of Working At The Cheese Board

Members work together in a close-knit environment and are involved in every aspect of operating the business. Everyone is given the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business. It is a privilege and responsibility of membership to work towards the successful continued operation and growth of our collective. All workers are required to attend business meetings where the group makes decisions using a modified consensus process.

All workers are paid a living wage, $24 per hour. In addition, worker-owners receive a share of the profits based on the number of hours worked. As a candidate you will receive medical benefits. Worker owners also receive a host of other benefits including dental insurance and retirement plans.

PIZZERIA Work Description:

Our work is fast paced, often high-pressured, and typically physically demanding. Candidates will be working 8-hour days, often 4 days a week. After completing the 6-month candidacy period, members at the pizzeria generally work 10-hour shifts, 4 days per week. We require that candidates be flexible and available to work during all production hours 6:00AM- 9:00PM Tuesday through Saturday. Business meetings are mandatory & generally held monthly on Mondays.

Some of our tasks include preparing ingredients, making dough, building and baking pizzas, cashiering, ordering, committee work and other organizational duties outside of scheduled shift work. We all share in the considerable amount of clean up work.


Candidates will be working 6-8 hour days, up to 30+ hours per week during candidacy. We require that members be flexible and available to during all production hours 3:30AM-7:30PM Monday through Saturday. Full time work at the Bakery and Cheese division usually means working 4 shifts and being available to substitute on a fifth day. Candidates usually start with 3 to 4 shifts. Business meetings are mandatory & generally held monthly on Mondays.

Some of our tasks include waiting on customers with a strong emphasis on great customer service, selling cheese, working the bread & coffee line, making coffee drinks, making dough, rolling and baking breads, ordering, committee work and other organizational duties outside of scheduled shift work. We are also always educating ourselves on the newest cheeses and bread production techniques. We all share in the considerable amount of clean up work.

Work Expectations and Requirements of New Candidates

Communication Skills

• Must be able to read, write and speak English. We encourage multi-linguists to apply
• Must be able to demonstrate professionalism and communicate effectively
• Must have great customer service skills

General Responsibilities

• Able to stand on your feet for 6 -10 hours a day
• Be able to lift up to 50lb (with reasonable accommodation, if required)
• Willingness to learn
• Ability to multi-task and prioritize duties
• Working hard and being punctual are essential
• Must have a love of food
• Must be able to taste cheese and the wheat products we produce and sell
• Food handling experience is preferred, but not required

Scheduling and Availability

• Must be able to work shifts that start at 6am or that end at 9pm at the pizzeria
• Must be able to work shifts that start at 3:30am or that end at 7:30pm at the bakery/cheese shop
• Ability to work Fridays and Saturdays and cover shifts–often on short notice
• Must be available to work during the holiday season
• Scheduling for members is dynamic and we can’t guarantee a set number of hours per week initially

Ownership and Cooperative Mindfulness

• Enthusiasm for interacting with the public and fellow workers
• Enthusiastic about working in a democratically managed workplace
• Candidates and members are expected to attend all business meetings (Candidates will be paid)
• Show grit and determination. Candidacy can be very challenging and there is a lot to learn and do in order to be successful. Members will be working with you to ensure your success
• Able to “go the extra mile.” Cooperatives succeed as members step between roles of workers and owners. Members must take care of themselves, each other, and the business
• Ability to see the big picture

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