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Job Posting for Fedco Seeds:  Human Resources Coordinator

Summary: This is a full-time year-round Coordinator, or manager, level position working with all branches at Fedco. This position reports to Fedco’s Board of Directors and works with all workers at Fedco.  Work groups, leadership teams and the Personnel committee will all be close colleagues of the HR coordinator.

Fedco Seeds Inc. is a cooperative seed and garden supply company with three annual catalogs and a website ( Fedco aspires to give all workers a real voice in running our company and a stake in our success. This enables us to attract and retain talented workers. A successful candidate for this position will share these values.

Overview of Responsibilities: The full time, part time and seasonal nature of our work creates changing teams across all four seasons. The Human Resource coordinator will support strong collaboration across teams, not just assuring that worker rights and legal responsibilities of Fedco are met, but that workers at all levels of the company have the support to flourish in our workplace.

Roles and responsibilities listed below will be provided directly by the Human Resource coordinator and/or coordinated to assure the functions are implemented effectively:

Mentor and guide the team leaders to provide fair and inspiring work methods.   This will include personal knowledge of leaders and close encouragement for best practices;
Provide and/or procure training for improving communication, conflict prevention and effective teams;
Facilitate communication among workers and across Branches both informally with active knowledge of work flow of teams and formally at work planning meetings to assure that other branches and projects are aware of the stressors and opportunities among personnel;
Develop and maintain  consistent internal communication systems such as newsletters, electronic and physical bulletin boards and announcement systems;
Provide guidance and structure for mentorship and emerging leaders; This will include encouraging worker representatives to participate broadly with our decision making, conversation and elected roles;
Review and support Fedco’s compliance with our internal policies, working closely with the payroll staff and personnel committee and other teams to:
Develop and Maintain a system of personnel files to effectively track, store and retrieve personnel information;
Ensure that worker contact information is kept up-to-date;
Ensure compliance with procedures for the development of new job descriptions and job postings;
Ensure that all workers have current job descriptions;
Ensure that all workers receive annual performance evaluations, including promotion of coworker feedback opportunities;
Provide or procure training to develop skills for HR roles including skills with evaluations, teamwork and conflict prevention;
Support all workers in understanding all aspects of hiring, terminations and resignations by:
Overseeing job application storage and handling
Participating in or providing coaching/training for applicant screening, job interviews, suspensions, terminations and exit interviews
Ensuring timely and effective internal job postings
Supporting recruitment efforts for external hiring
Ensuring timely orientation for all new hires
Reviewing suspensions and terminations
Promote a safe and inclusive work environment by engaging all workers in the initiation and development of orientation and on-going training for topics related to:
required legal and safety training
cooperative values
diversity, equity and inclusion
conflict prevention and resolution skills
Support the work of the Personnel Committee by:
Attending all Personnel Committee meetings
Performing research for the Personnel Committee as necessary
Coordinating work collective surveys and “threshing sessions”
Creating draft policies in response to Personnel Committee and work collective input
Maintaining a network of independent mediators to assist with conflict resolution as necessary
Supporting the Grievance process as necessary
Ensure legal compliance and serve as the liaison between Fedco and our public partners such as OSHA, Department of Labor and other regulatory bodies pertinent to Fedco.
Required Qualifications:

Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Demonstrated experience with interpersonal and conflict resolution skills
Excellent organizational, problem-solving, research, and analytical skills
Ability to act with kindness, empathy, and confidentiality in communications with people from a wide variety of backgrounds
Familiarity with labor law and ability to research and access experts in the field
Strong understanding of social justice issues
Computer proficiency
Cooperative values

Desirable Qualifications:

Formal education or training in human resources management;
Experience with Cooperatives, collectives or other democratic organizations;
Experience in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion;

Pay Rate: Starting wage will be based on experience as determined by the Board of Directors; all workers receive annual cost-of-living raises and shared productivity bonuses. The starting range of pay is between $38.17 and $43.89 per hour (grade 7 and 8)

If you are interested in this position, send your resume and include a letter telling us why you are interested and qualified for this job. Mail or email it to:


Attn: Board of Directors C/o Ryan Mitchell

PO Box 520

Clinton ME 04927

Fedco is an equal opportunity employer: we do not discriminate based on marital status, race, color, creed, gender, sex, religion, national origin, gender identity, age, veteran status, union affiliation, physical or mental disability, citizenship status, or sexual orientation.


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