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We’re looking for a new co-op member to join us.

The role will involve working in the core and/or administrative activities in the running of the co-op, and helping the co-op’s efforts to improve operational capacity.

Research-wise, this might include remaining abreast of ongoing research and trends in a topic(s) that the co-op covers under its research themes and discussing with other members or the general public your thoughts on research, or working on projects with fellow members or collaborators, or setting up collaborative networks of researchers and citizens. Operations-wise, this may include helping the co-op in its operational activities by offering to work on the core areas of the business (i.e., helping out with “back-office” work such as administrative activities) or updating rules and procedures. Team-wise, this might include attending regular meetings and taking part in collective decision-making.

Overall, you can take on one or more of the following areas:

  1. research
  2. engineering
  3. operations
  4. product
  5. administrative
  6. fundraising
  7. analytics
  8. publishing
  9. business development
  10. community management

We also expect you to have opinions on issues related to the business (governance, finances, administration, etc.) of the co-op and be willing to express these opinions in discussions and decision-making with other members.

If you are interested in investigating one or more of the following themes below or connecting people together on these themes, please complete the application form.

Thematic List:

1. platform cooperativism
2. blockchain
3. Web 3.0
4. decentralization
5. digital sovereignty
6. digital identity
7. data sharing and analysis
8. personal data economy
9. platform economy
10. token economy
11. community-based economy
12. cooperativism
13. digital citizenship
14. digital democracy
15. trust
16. internet
17. organization design
18. digital labor
19. open finance
20. mutual credit networks
21. mutual aid
22. community currencies
23. collective intelligence
24. P2P/commons
25. digital infrastructure
26. internet and other information communication technologies
27. science and technology studies
28. complex systems
29. sociotechnical systems
30. artificial intelligence
31. internet of things
32. industry 4.0
33. citizen science
34. peer production
35. free and open source software
36. cyber-physical systems
37. alternative governance and economics
38. mutualism
39. social innovation
40. collaborative innovation networks
41. metascience
42. participatory models
43. scalable models
44. collective action
45. commoning
46. open science
47. crowdsourcing
48. smart cities
49. incentivization systems
50. bibliometrics
51. universal basic income

Please complete the membership form to apply.

To apply for this job email your details to

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