Yard care

Pedal People

A member of the Pedal People yard care team has responsibilities in three main areas of work: yard care, business management, and cooperative ownership. People People yard care uses electric and reel lawn mowers, scythes, rakes, and other hand tools, transported by bicycle and trailer around Northampton. The business management work varies depending on the worker, but always involves communication via email and phone with both coworkers and customers, and writing brief job reports. The cooperative ownership involves meaningful participation in monthly collective meetings and effective communication skills.

We are hiring for Yard Care positions. The positions will be seasonal, from approximately mid-April thru late November, 10-20 hours/week. There is the possibility to do trash/hauling work during the off-season if routes are available.

Pedal People is a worker cooperative, and every member participates in the decision making and governance of the business.

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