Congratulations to our 2021 Worker Co-op Award winners!

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As a part of our multi-day virtual conference convening Worker Co-op Week, we recognized some outstanding worker cooperatives and cooperators who are building a culture of solidarity and forging a more just recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, together.  

Keep reading for a recap of the Worker Co-op Awards granted this year.  We’d also like to extend a big thank you to our member Radix Media for printing high-quality, colored certificates for award winners as a union worker co-op printer and publisher — thank you Radix! 


Ward Lumber Worker Cooperative was recognized as a Legacy Co-op Conversion for carrying on their six-generation family business as a worker-owned cooperative to continue to provide high-quality products as well as sustainable jobs in Jay and Malone, NY.

tilde Language Justice Cooperative was recognized as a Language Justice Leader for advancing access for speakers of many languages to the co-op movement and beyond through high-quality interpretation and translation services.

Union Technology Cooperative was recognized as a Principle Six Cooperator for being a technology resource for cooperatives across Wisconsin and beyond, using their expertise to strengthen the cooperative sector.

The Drivers Cooperative was recognized as an Industry Disruptor for challenging gig economy Goliaths by building a grassroots worker co-op alternative by and for NYC drivers and riders. 

Boston Cleaning Collective was recognized for their COVID-19 Resiliency, using the strong connections they formed with members and clients to improve their backend infrastructure and pivot their safety protocols during the height of the pandemic.

Action OSH LLC was recognized as an Essential Crisis Responder for adapting their essential workplace & safety trainings to meet the needs of frontline workers during the pandemic in both English and Spanish.

Third Root Community Health Center was recognized for their Commitment to Community as the oldest cooperative Holistic Health Center in NYC, bringing together BIPOC, queer & trans, dis/abled, elder and intergenerational Brooklyn practitioners to serve those most impacted by systemic inequality for 13 years.

Maria Cruz was recognized as our 2021 Cooperator of the Year for their thoughtful leadership and their infinite love and dedication to Ecomundo Cleaning Worker Cooperative.

Catherine Murcek was recognized as our 2021 Co-op Policy Advocate of the Year for their consistent leadership fortifying strong ties between the USFWC Policy & Advocacy group and NYC co-op policy advocacy activities. 


We also heard some heartfelt reflections from cooperators in the ecosystem as we thanked our departing Board Directors: Maru Bautista, Daniella Preisler, Tori Kuper and Pablo Benson.  We are so grateful for their contributions and dedication to the worker cooperative movement!

Watch the recording of the full awards ceremony, now available on the USFWC YouTube channel.

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