Welcome to our newly-elected At-Large Board directors

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Thank you to all our voting members who exercised their right and responsibility to elect an outstanding group of cooperators to the USFWC Board.  

We’d also like to extend gratitude to all of this year’s Board candidates and our departing Board members who have given so much valuable insight and offered such strong leadership to our organization.  Thank you to Maru Bautista, Daniella Preisler, Pablo Benson and Tori Kuper.  Did you miss their recognitions at the 2021 Worker Co-op awards? View the recording of the ceremony here. 

This year, we introduce five member-elected At-Large Board members who will take on strategic planning for USFWC programming in collaboration with our staff and represent the USFWC in the international cooperative movement.  We congratulate and welcome Denise Hernandez of Cooperative Homecare Associates, returning Director Hilary Johnson of Equal Exchange and Community Nexus Partners, Marina Maldonado of Boston Cleaning Collective, Emmanuel Pardilla of the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives and Lucha Luisa-Silva of E-Quality Homecare Co-op to the USFWC Board of Directors.  

This strong group of leaders now have the opportunity to use their experience as worker-owners and co-op developers to fortify the resiliency of worker ownership during a time of ongoing crisis and work to build ecosystems that favor worker cooperatives across the country.    

Board terms are two years from the date of election.  In 2022, Regional representatives on the Board will be up for re-election.  Learn more about our Board election process here

Apart from serving on the Board, there are many ways for members to build strong connections to support one another and fortify the worker co-op movement.  Add yourself to our public slack chat channel to connect with colleagues, or join or start a Peer Network or Member Council related to your industry or interest area to improve your field!

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