2023 Open Enrollment for Worker Benefits Has Begun!

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More options, new resources, lower rates, same Worker Benefits Program

2023 is bringing some exciting changes to the Worker Benefits Program that will improve how the program serves you and your fellow workers! 

We’ve taken your feedback and looked at our program inside and out to see where there were opportunities to reduce costs while improving our services, and we are excited to deliver.

The changes outlined below deliver the same great benefits at lower rates than ever. That’s what USFWC members accomplish when we unite and leverage our market power.

Join us for our webinars coming up on October 26 and November 3 to ask questions and learn more about benefits changes for 2023 outlined here:


Dental insurance

Our dental insurance company is changing from Ameritas to Delta Dental. The benefits will be the same as the previous plan, but at a lower cost and a slightly different network. Delta is a well-known dental insurance company with a large nation-wide network.

Vision insurance

We heard you – in 2023, we will offer the option of EyeMed OR VSP for vision insurance. With a different network and parent company, we’ve received several requests to offer VSP as a vision insurance provider. We’re excited that in 2023 we will be able to offer the option of either one – each for the same price, which is a lower price than vision premiums were before.

Administrative Fees

We’re gonna be upfront: our administrative fees are increasing this year. Yes, it’s partly because of inflation raising costs for everyone. AND, it’s also because we are growing our ability to offer support to our enrolled groups. We will be offering some tools for enrolled groups to more easily manage their enrollment in 2023, and increasing our ability to support members and enrolled workers 1-1 utilizing their benefits. We are optimistic that the lower dental and vision premiums will outweigh the increased costs of admin fees.

Accident and disability insurance

We offer access to voluntary accident and disability insurance through our broker partner Diversified Human Solutions. These benefits are set up so that workers are responsible for monthly payments, but contact us to discuss organization-paid disability insurance.

Medical Insurance

We continue to only be able to support organizations accessing health insurance in Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, and Washington State. These are NOT multiple group plans, but rather we can support the process of setting up a small group plan with our health insurance broker.

HSA/FSA/HRA (Tax-advantaged plans)

If your organization is interested in setting up tax advantaged plans that allow funds to be set aside for healthcare costs, child/dependent care, or transportation, we can support you in setting that up for your organization with our administrator partners.

Eligibility for the Worker Benefits Program

ALL member organizations of the USFWC may join the Worker Benefits Program so long as they meet plan individual eligibility requirements. Visit usworker.coop/workerbenefits for more details.

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