5 important numbers know about the USFWC Worker Benefits Program

It’s open enrollment time at the USFWC, which means now is the time to select next year’s health-related benefits for yourself and your colleagues. The USFWC Worker Benefits Program is open to all USFWC members. To enroll, workers must be taxed as owners or employees, and must work at least 20 hours per week on average. 


To enroll for benefits starting January 1, 2022, all information must be submitted by December 8, 2021! 


Here are a few quick highlights from our program offerings:

100% coverage of preventative dental care USFWC Dental Insurance (through Ameritas) pays for 100% of routine cleanings, exams, and x-rays for adults, plus fluoride treatments for kids.

  • Have a dentist you love who doesn’t accept Ameritas? No problem! You can even use the USFWC Dental Insurance offered through Ameritas to pay for care at any dentist, even if they are not considered “in-network.” Submit your claim and get reimbursed for coverage at the same rate as an in-network provider. 
  • Get started by enrolling your workplace in dental insurance!

$130/year for glassesUSFWC Vision Insurance (through EyeMed) grants an annual allowance of up to $130 to spend on glasses frames or contacts, and pays for a significant percentage of lens costs.

$75 to access disability and accident insurance – Workplaces only pay $75 a year to offer their workers the option of self-pay disability and accident insurance through Colonial Life Insurance Company.

  • Workers decide if they want disability or accident insurance and pay for it themselves. They can even keep their benefits if they leave the job. Our plans offer significant savings to people in several states, especially New York and California.
  • Disability Insurance is guaranteed during this open enrollment period – people cannot be turned away for pre-existing conditions. The insurance company will not offer guaranteed coverage after this year.
  • Get started by enrolling your workplace in accident and disability insurance!

6 months of short-term disability leave Short-Term Disability leave will replace up to 60% of income for up to 6 months for workers on disability leave. 

Principle 6 – By participating in the USFWC Worker Benefits Program, you’re joining over 500 people and over 50 organizations. Increasing enrollment helps us leverage our power to improve benefit plans over time, and supports our research on how to provide new benefits in the future! It’s Cooperative Principle 6, cooperation among cooperatives, in action!

  • Taking part in this plan helps us fund research and administrative support for all of our members. Our Worker Benefits Program isn’t just a few insurance products – it’s also the long-term work of making worker benefits easy and accessible for our members and the workers who make up our cooperative ecosystem.


Ready to get started? Fill out our worker benefits interest form today. To enroll, all information must be submitted by December 8, 2021!

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