2018 Co-ops and Cooperators of the Year

Each year, the USFWC recognizes standout cooperators and co-ops that embolden our movement and lead the way toward workplace democracy. Chosen by our board of directors, with these recognitions we highlight the values and actions we want to see in the world and from our members, pushing forward the strategic vision of the USFWC.

Recognized at our 2018 Worker Cooperative National Conference, we are delighted to share this year’s awardees:

Champion of Worker Co-op Advocacy: Yassi Eskandari-Qajar
For her policy advocacy leadership on the local, regional, and national levels, such as 1) stewarding the New Economy Coalitions Worker Coop Policy Platform, 2) leading the Worker Cooperative Brigade, a program that trains worker owners on how to be policy advocates, 3) stewarding the Berkeley Ordinance for Worker Cooperatives.
Outstanding Leadership within the Movement: Elizabeth Arredondo
For her leadership within the immigrant community, in the home cleaning industry, and as a board member at DAWI.
Worker Co-op Torchbearer: Mai Nguyen
For deepening the conversation on worker cooperatives in the agricultural industry and food justice movements, and being nationally recognized for her organizing work with on organic farming sustainability, and food justice in California.
Commitment to Social justice: Caracol Language Cooperative
For being 1) deeply involved in NYC Cooperative advocacy, peer training and ecosystem development, 2) passionate advocates for language Justice, 3) Immigrant and Queer Led Cooperative.
Principle 7 Leadership in Community: PV Squared
For receiving national recognition in their field with company accreditation by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, an accreditation awarded to companies that meet a rigorous set of standards regarding installation, employee training and qualification, safe work practices and customer accountability, as well as their work to provide solar power to communities in Puerto Rico through their work with Amicus Solar Cooperative.
Conversion of the Year: Metis Construction
For inspiring us by putting the work and initiative into understanding the worker ownership field and engaging immediately in the worker co-op ecosystem and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives
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