Good Dog, Bad Zombie board game launched by US worker co-op

Faced with a zombie apocalypse, dogs need to rescue “hoomans” from being eaten alive: this is the plot of the latest board game developed by worker co-operative Make Big Things.

Based in western Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois, the co-operative designed the board game based on the idea of co-operation.

Players take on the role of dog characters with different powers – Lupin (snuggle), Waine (be grumpy), Captain Woofster (hunt) and Miss Fuzzy Ears (protect).

Each time the zombies eat a human or get into Central Bark, players will have to move the Feral Tracker forward. Once it reaches ten, players forget what it means to feel the love of a human and start acting like wolves.

In order to win they need to work together to save six human and bring them back to the refuge place called Central Bark.

Worker member Hannah Shaffer, an independent game and web designer living in Massachusetts, said about the game: “Because we are a co-operative, we wanted the game to be co-operative. In Good Dog, Bad Zombie, everyone wins or loses together.”

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