Hot Off the Presses — It’s the 2021-2022 USFWC Annual Report!

A photo of a woman with light skin, dark hair, wearing a black cardigan over a green gown, with a fist held high and holding a plaque that reads Zenayda Bonilla, worker cooperator of the year. Below the photo of Zenayda is the text Annual Report 2021-2022 and the logo of the USFWC.

We are excited to share with USFWC members the just-released 2021-2022 USFWC Annual Report. The report is packed with two years worth of the wins, milestones and innovations we achieved together with the diverse community of USFWC members, worker co-op allies and advocates.

In his letter to the membership, USFWC Executive Director Esteban Kelly asserts, “Together, we have been catalysts for visionary change, working to dismantle systemic barriers to workers governing their lives and stewarding equitable businesses across dozens of industries.”

Esteban goes on to say:

This annual report serves as a testament to the transformative power of collective action. It celebrates milestones we have achieved in passing new co-op legislation (p13), expanding our education and training programs (p14), and elevating new leaders through a new Speakers Bureau, an expanded bench of peer technical assistance providers, and our first years running an Advocacy Fellowship program (p13). It also acknowledges the challenges we face in garnering resources to establish core infrastructure to scaffold worker ownership for the benefit of the entire field.

Reflecting on the sum of our achievements, it’s clearer to me how much more we accomplish by widening the circle of organizations pursuing worker ownership and economic democracy. Coming together is how we gather our power. Gathering our power is how we build this field; and building this field is how we win back democratic control of our economic lives.

Read Esteban’s full letter and learn about each of our achievements and innovations by downloading the full report here.

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