Hurricane Harvey – How you can help

The effects of Hurricane Harvey will be felt for a long time, and we encourage all of our members and community to continue supporting organizations on the ground, especially those that are connected to communities who may not benefit from more traditional means of disaster recovery.

In the aftermath of Harvey, Houston’s Living Hope Wheelchair Association is reaching out to disabled immigrants in need:

“It has been repeated a lot that immigrants that come to this country have access to all kinds of social services and welfare programs and that is a blatant lie,” says the group’s director, Pancho Argüelles. “Even for documented immigrants, access to many programs is limited.”

Living Hope Wheelchair Association is community based non-profit organization serving people with spinal cord injuries as well as with other disabilities so that they may lead full and productive lives.

The group, which we know well and are in contact with in this time, was founded by people with spinal cord injuries, the majority of our members are not entitled to benefits, lack medical insurance, and do not have a stable source of income. We also have

We encourage people to donate via Living Hope Wheelchair Association’s website or the Cooperative Development Foundation’s disaster recovery fund, which is assisting area co-ops as they work to resume operations in the days and weeks ahead.


Hola a todos estamos pidiendo su apoyo para ayudar a personas discapacitadas afectadas por el huracán Harvey si desean donar a Living Hope Wheelchair Association puedes hacerlo a


Image via the Cooperative Development Foundation

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