On the Laura Flanders Show, USFWC Executive Director Esteban Kelly Talks Cooperative Economic Lessons from Black Feminist Leaders for Today

Timely and thorough conversation on The Laura Flanders Show how we can learn the lessons of post-Great Depression economic recovery. USFWC Executive Director, Esteban Kelly brings to the forth the lessons of the wisdom and organizing Black Feminist Leaders like Fannie Lou Hamer and Ella Baker who used cooperatives to build wealth in African American communities.

From The Laura Flanders Show: “The economic collapse unfolding before our eyes is much bigger than it appears and the solution isn’t simply to “build back better.” COVID-19 didn’t create the challenges we face. It laid bare flaws that have long existed at the foundation of our system. That is particularly true for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. What kind of reconstruction effort would truly reflect the scale of the problem? What should we rebuild and what should we abandon? To answer these questions, Laura interviews Professor Robert Reich, economist Stephanie Kelton, community organizer Esteban Kelly and Service Employees International Union president Mary Kay Henry about their visions for a recovery that will enable us to build a new economy that is equitable, reparative and sustainable.”

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