RSVP for 2016 Member Meeting 7/30 & 7/31 (virtual participation available)

All USFWC members – workplaces and individuals, voting and non-voting – are encouraged to RSVP to attend (in-person or virtually) our annual Member Meeting. This year, we have a two-part member meeting with a special strategy session on Saturday, July 30 followed by a more traditional business meeting on Sunday, July 31.

Hosted during the Worker Cooperative National Conference, this is our once-a-year opportunity to gather together to hear important organizational updates and create space to strategize together as a national, grassroots membership organization.

This year, we are hosting two meetings – a strategy session and a traditional business meeting. Members are encouraged to send a representative to participate.

USFWC Member Strategy Session: Saturday, July 30, 2016, 4:45 – 6:00 pm (central time) 


All USFWC Members are welcome and encouraged to join our special strategy session where we will think through research and development of major co-op benefits and discuss a proposal to adopt THREE NEW principles for the US worker co-op sector. The newly minted USFWC Racial and Economic Justice Council, will report on its founding and solicit input on the vision for their work. This council will guide a conversation about adding new principles, inspired by the solidarity economy movement and cooperatives in Mondragón:

#8 Equity in All Dimensions
#9 Subordinate Nature of Capital
#10 Social Transformation

The last portion of our meeting we will focus on member technical assistance and the USFWC’s efforts to establish a 401k retirement plan, a business insurance service, and health care for member workplaces. Given the significant progress we’ve made on a retirement benefit, the member meeting will be an opportunity for co-ops to “pledge” their intentions to join a Federation-led plan, and if so, how many workers they might project would enroll, and a ballpark figure of how much the annual contributions would be from their co-ops. Its your Federation, we can only built it with your input and participation!

USFWC Business Meeting: Sunday, July 31, 2016, 10:45 am – 12:15 pm (central time) 


USFWC members are highly encouraged to send at least one representative to participate and represent your workplace.

The Board of Directors and staff will present a finance report, membership report, program updates and upcoming work.

Additionally, we will hear a report-back from the member Strategy Session held Saturday and create space for member feedback and discussion on the strategy topics.

10:45 – 10:50: Welcome

10:50 – 11:05: Business Presentation (finance report, membership report, staffing update, Democracy at Work Institute Update)

11:05 – 11:15: Program Updates & Upcoming Work
(5 minutes to move to small groups)

11:20 – 11: 40: Small Group ‘Info’ Sessions – Learn more about program updates and upcoming work

11:40 – 11:55: USFWC Member Strategy Session Report-Back

11:55 – 12:00: Board of Directors Elections

12:00 – 12:10: Award Ceremony

12:10 – 12:15: Close & Next Meeting Date


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