The USFWC is proud to support America’s SBDCs and the 8th Annual #SBDCDay

As we celebrate the passage of the National Worker Cooperative Development and Support Act, we are pleased that this dovetails with the 8th Annual #SBDCDay and our vision of a coordinated federal support program that flows throughout the Small Business Administration and the many Small Business Development Centers across the country.

As small business owners navigate an ever-changing landscape, Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) continue to support and elevate their clients through innovative at-cost training programs and free advising strategies. Nearly 1,000 SBDCs can be found across the United States and its territories, serving clients virtually and from their centers in host institutions like universities and chambers. Don’t miss the new America’s SBDC Annual Report to read about hundreds of small businesses and how their small businesses thrived with the help of their local SBDC.

Throughout the pandemic and beyond, we have looked to the SBDC network to find invaluable resources to make sure that worker co-op businesses have what they need to make smart decisions and understand government programs. We are incredibly proud to be an SBDC Day Ambassador and partner of the nationwide SBDC network. Like SBDCs our organization is here to support America’s entrepreneurs and small businesses start, grow and thrive. We encourage all USFWC members and our community to make use of the many resources available through your local SBDC – find yours here.

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