Union Co-ops Council September 2019 Update

The Union Co-ops Council met on Friday, September 13th for our regular monthly meeting. As usual, we had a strong group of attendees from across the country — here’s a few takeaways:

  • Member Northwest Cooperative Development Center has been providing assistance to Working Systems, a CWA affiliated company that specializes in web-based and desktop applications for unions, on converting to a worker co-op as its owners and senior staff are looking to retire. This conversion will save 13 jobs and create 3 new jobs!
  • The Union Co-ops Council has formed an Education and Outreach Task Force, concentrating on documenting the stories of worker co-ops and unions collaborating to benefit workers. Reach out to info@usworker.coop if you are interested in helping to tell this story.
  • The Council is organizing a pre-conference event on the Friday before the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy, focused on the broader frame of solidarity and understanding how unions and worker co-ops are all a part of a larger solidarity economy. It will feature lessons from the International Labour Organization as well as local ecosystems as well as breakouts to turn discussion into action.

The next Union Co-ops Council meeting will take place on November 8th – register here to join these member calls.



Photo via Working Systems

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