#WCNC18 Plenary: Shaping the Future of Work


  • Jenny Ramirez, HR Director for California Harvesters, an employee trust farm labor company in California’s Central Valley
  • Tomás Durán, President of Concerned Capital in Los Angeles, which works to create and save jobs by directing capital to low to moderate income communities
  • Joseph Cureton, founder of Core Staffing in Baltimore, a cooperative staffing agency that employs returning citizens
  • Stéphanie Guico, cooperative development consultant based in Montreal and representing SMart, a platform cooperative dedicated to the needs of freelancers

As temporary work and tech platforms grow, Baby Boomers retire, labor unions face an existential crisis, and youth and immigrant workers organize like never before, what do these changes mean for worker cooperatives, and what can we learn from the Future of Work conversation? Presenters share cutting-edge projects and show how worker cooperatives can address how we work in a rapidly shifting world.

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