Recording | Co-op Clinic: A Roadmap for Conversions

This webinar is presented through our Co-op Clinic program

Watch this recording featuring Jim Johnson, one of our experienced Co-op Clinic Advisors, for a workshop on co-op conversions – during this session, you’ll get a “roadmap” for what it takes to turn a traditional business into a worker co-op, including:

– An overview of “typical” conversion timeline
– Common / critical issues
– How to scope needs for a conversion
– Assessing the feasibility
– How to structure the deal

About the Co-op Clinic
The Co-op Clinic program of the USFWC is a network of peer advisors, all with strong social and professional ties, who provide technical assistance services to worker cooperatives.

This webinar is presented in English / Desafortunadamente, este webinar será presentado solamente en inglés.

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