Recording | Co-op Clinic: Bylaws: Shaping and understanding your worker co-op’s governance

How do we set up governance documents for our worker co-ops that reflect our co-op’s values, are understandable and also hold up as a legal document? In this webinar we will tackle issues of:

  • membership
  • patronage / surplus – taxes
  • union neutrality
  • structure
  • decision-making
  • meetings
  • board roles
  • termination
  • dissolution and
  • bylaw amendment

It is geared towards those looking to:

  • create their co-op’s bylaws or operating agreements
  • review existing documents, or
  • make their documents more accessible.

The webinar will not give legal advice or go into depth on tax issues, but will give participants a strong overview of what to consider in worker co-op governing documents for clarity, transparency and clear process for good times as well as crisis.

About the Presenter
Matt is a worker owner of Future Focus Media Co-op, a peer advisor with Co-op Clinic and consultant with Worcester Roots, a grassroots co-op development organization that focuses on urban worker cooperatives with a social justice lens. Matt’s work includes helping start the Toxic Soil Busters, Future Focus Media Co-op, Global Village and the Worcester Co-op Academy. Matt is passionate about social and environmental justice organizing, worker cooperatives and supporting youth to become agents of change. Using documentary film as a tool for connecting social movements worldwide, Matt is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and has collaborated on film projects with groups in Argentina, Brazil and Worcester, MA.

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