Welcome to our newest members!

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is growing

Our network is growing our newest members have a variety of missions, goals, and are spread across the US. We invite you to get to know them and check out their information below.

LIFT Economy – NYC NoWC


LIFT Economy mission is to create, model, and share a locally self-reliant economy that works for the benefit of all life–one that meets the needs for all people everywhere while enhancing and regenerating the ecosystems within which we abide.

LUCI (Los Angeles Union Coop Initiative) 


The goal of Los Angeles Union Cooperative Initiative (LUCI) is to create social and economic justice and worker dignity through the creation of good, sustainable jobs in viable businesses that are accountable to both its workers and their communities.

Fertile Underground


We strive to approach self-reliance through the creation and investigation of regenerative and sustainable agricultural communities by reclaiming overlooked and underused land for the production of organic food. The reclamation of “leftover” land for food production represents a shift in the perception of urban space and economy, while forging a connection between our lives and the land.

The Cooperation Group


The Cooperation Group (TCG) is a nonprofit organization growing local assets and economic capacity by developing sustainable, community-owned business controlled by the people who use their services. TCG’s approach is to facilitate cooperative economic development that meets the expressed needs and aspirations of community members.


Our Members bring a wide range of skills and experience to the table, and we offer a variety of services to help you succeed in whatever is important to you. We’re all doing work that we love, on terms that we set and schedules that fit our priorities, so you can count on getting our best work all of the time – and if anything does come up short of your expectations, Members are empowered to do what it takes to make it right.

Caracol Interpreters Cooperative


The Caracol Interpreters Cooperative opens multilingual channels of communication to ignite language justice in our community. We work to create a world where language is not a barrier for exchange, but a helpful tool that can be used democratically to communicate, learn and strategize together.

La Cooperativa de Intérpretes Caracol abre canales de comunicación multilingüe para encender la llama de la justicia lingüística en nuestra comunidad. Trabajamos por un mundo donde el lenguaje no sea una barrera para el intercambio, sino una herramienta de uso democrático para comunicarnos, aprender y crear estrategias juntos y juntas.

Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local


Our mission is to be a convenient and affordable source of fresh produce and quality meat, as well as to bring nutritious food options into the neighborhood, thereby fostering healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local is designed with community at its heart, and this is reflected in all aspects of our business: from our green storefront, to the nutritious food we sell, to the way our staff and management relate to, respect, and welcome our customers.

Amethyst Luna Cooperative

We are Maya from Honduras and Chiapas our family weaves and works on wool, cotton. Our designs are from our spiritual way since the ancestors. Each design unique and represents the colors of Mother Earth in our rain forest community.

Access Consulting Services


Access Consulting Services is set out to make a difference in the consulting industry. It is clear that agencies in the US and elsewhere are failing to provide a translation service that fit locally with the communities they serve.

The California Fruit Wine Company


We are about much more than just making delicious and refreshing fruit wine. From our inception, we’ve wanted to unleash the power of enterprise as a force for good. While we’ve seen many “give back” models, many models that emphasize company culture, or responsible sourcing, we wanted to go a step further. So we’ve created a company that is democratically run by the employees for the benefit of society. That also means we are NEVER for sale. So you can buy from us while knowing we’re not in this to make a quick buck. No bait and switch here! (Read more bout Our Social Mission here)

Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative (formally Damayan Cleaning)


Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative is a worker-owned business whose mission is to create sustainable, just and healthy workplaces for our community, clients and member-owners. We are committed to providing high quality, eco-friendly office cleaning services while creating stable and decent jobs through promotion of democratic decision-making, education and living wages.

Green Broom Brigade


Green Broom Brigade Cooperative is a licensed, bonded and insured environmentally green cleaning business that provides both residential and commercial services throughout Santa Barbara County. Our goal is to provide clients with excellent cleaning services that are kind to people and the environment! Our worker-owned business uses the slogan health from the inside out to represent our dedication to superior cleaning services using environmentally green products, and our cooperative business model where workers are co-owners of the business.

LA Coop Lab


The L.A. Co-op Lab is taking the idea and possibility of worker co-ops into the streets of Los Angeles. As evangelists for a more democratic economy, we educate, advocate and help build capacity for worker-owned businesses by offering workshops and resources. Our goal is to make sure that at least 5,000 people in L.A. know what a co-op is, have access to tools and resources, and that some of them might even get started on the road to becoming worker-entreprenuers with their own cooperative businesses.

WIN/WIN coffee bar


Though at first glance we might look just like any other cafe, we operate a bit differently than most. Rather than simply maximizing profits, we strive to develop programs that serve our broader needs, beyond just keeping our bills paid. Because we have other needs, other desires, and other visions. Our need to support ecologically responsible practices and to build a sustainable future. Our desire provide a venue for creative expression and social engagement in our communities. Our vision to create a new economy based on cooperation and mutual aid, rather than exploitation and competitive individualism. Doesn’t that sound pretty ok?


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