Open Enrollment for USFWC Health-related Benefits

Open enrollment for the USFWC's 2018 health-related benefits will take place from November 1, - December 15, 2017.

Current USFWC members and their workers must enroll during this period to receive benefits in 2018 - late enrollment is only allowed under specific qualifying circumstances.

What can you enroll for?

After our pilot year of health-related benefits featuring the USFWC dental plan, we are excited to expand our offerings:

  • Dental Insurance Plan, provided through United Concordia,
  • Vision Insurance Plan, provided through Eye Med,
  • and, as an added bonus, those enrolled in either our dental or vision plans will also have access to discounts on movie tickets, pet insurance, accident insurance, travel, and more through our broker's Vivana Wellness portal.

Here's what to expect:

  1. Enrollment:
    1. Fill out the “Benefits Interest Form” on this page, or email
    2. If your organization is new to our dental and health benefits, the USFWC will send a contract for your organization to sign, and a form to fill out for each person who will be enrolled.
    3. If your organization is already enrolled in our dental benefits: the HR representative for your organization must fill out this form for each person who will be enrolled in 2018.
    4. All signed contracts and employee information must be received by December 15, 2017.
  2. Benefits ID Cards will be sent out: Your cards will be sent to the home address of the enrolled employee
    Note: The cards for each dependent and partner will be sent to the home address of the enrolled employee, and will show the name of the enrolled employee on the card, NOT the name of the dependent and/or partner.
  3. Billing: You will be billed monthly, beginning in the first week of January, for all employees enrolled by December 15, 2017. Fees including the fees for each person enrolled and an organizational administrative fee according to the fee structure below.

After December 15, 2017, you will only be able to enroll new employees and their dependents.

Have questions?

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Please refer to this list first!

If you still have questions, email us at This email contacts both USFWC staff and our health-related benefits broker.