6 May Day Actions in the Worker Co-op Community

Workers are organizing have been for months for this particular Monday and for decades to protect workers rights.

The USFWC is proud that our members, our allies, and our team are taking action and participating in May Day in so many ways. Though there are many worker-owners activating in many ways, here just are a few:


The Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC)

In the fight for 15, paid sick leave and many basic workers rights, ROC is calling for a strike this May Day. ROC United, the nation coalition, represents nearly 25,000 worker members, over 200 restaurant owner members and thousands of consumer members. Because the restaurant industry has the lowest paid jobs in America and is one of the largest employers of women, people of color and immigrants, restaurant workers of all backgrounds will be participating in the strike to demand #1FairWage — equal wages and benefits. Learn more here.


Beyond the Moment

 Our allies The New Economy Coalition are partners in the Beyond the Moment campaign convened by The Movement for Black Lives. This campaign is part of the long arch of social justice.

April 4th marked fifty years since Dr. King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech and forty nine years since Dr. King was assassinated.

On May 1st, 131 years ago striking workers in Chicago clashed with police resulting in several deaths and later protesters were hung for their dissent. 

Beyond the Moment calls allies across the country to continue living out the inspiring words of MLK and the spirit of May Day far beyond. Follow the conversation at #BeyondTheMoment.


“This May Day, we are uniquely positioned to recast the predominant left narratives around economic justice toward a more radically inclusive frame that elevates the voices of Black and Brown workers, and to bring together a broad sector of the left to provide meaningful interventions around anti-Blackness, intersectionality and racial justice.”


Electric Embers:

Not only is May 1st International Workers Day, it is also (by no coincidence) their 14th birthday!

They will be closed on Monday and will be rallying with Californians at the local actions with the California Labor Federation.

Toolbox for Education and Social Action (TESA)

This worker cooperative made learning resources & tools for May Day for all to utilize. Prepare yourself to discuss labor unions and classic workers rights curriculum, and learn about the roots of May Day.

The Philadelphia chapter of Jobs With Justice

Our members Media Mobilizing Project are just one of many organizations members of Jobs with Justice, a campaign to build power for working people, advance grassroots coalitions; support the growth and leadership of local leaders and activists; and develop strategic alliances nationally and globally.

You can find local actions is on the Jobs with Justice website.


Finally, this May Day marks our website launch of Sanctuary Workplace campaign. It will host an ongoing list of resources to create hate-free zones for worker-owners, employees and allies.

“Sanctuary workplaces are hate-free zones that intend to be safe spaces for our communities. They are spaces where worker-owners and employees are empowered knowing their workplace rights as workers and owners. Furthermore, this is a call to action to extend protection and safety to all communities facing harassment and persecution in the workplace, including all people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ, Muslims, and people with disabilities.”
Expanding sanctuary is an ongoing effort. While all these actions and organizations may be working to create change independently, the USFWC takes May Day to be a time for solidarity and hope that you take part.
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