Could Tech Companies Work as Co-ops?

The question came up at a recent event on employee-owned businesses: will this trend of worker ownership ever spread to the tech world?

Eager to offer insights, Maria Cardenas, a panelist at the Co-Op SC event on creating employee ownership succession plans (GT, 3/7), suggested that options for business structures are really only “as limited as our imagination.”

Cardenas, executive director of Santa Cruz Community Ventures, said at the March 8 event that the worker-ownership model has been more concentrated among lower-income groups because those groups had less financial means to start with. “It’s really what has worked up ’til now, based on necessity and need,” said Cardenas, who has plans to start a local investment fund.

This question about tech business ownership—posed by a Co-Op SC organizer—originally came in response to an explanation from Democracy at Work Institute’s Zen Trenholm. He said that worker ownership generally works best in labor-intensive industries.

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