Highlights from our Member Councils and Peer Networks – November 2022

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Our Member Councils and Peer Networks are shaping the future of the worker co-op movement in the U.S. through offers and needs markets, collective education & learning and political advocacy for a worker-centered economy.  Here are the highlights for this month from some of our Councils & Networks:


  • At the Union Co-ops Council’s October meeting, we discussed the Worker Co-op Conference, reviewed the work of the UCC’s task forces this past year, and did some brainstorming and planning for next year. Check out unioncoops.org to learn more!
  • Policy and Advocacy Member Council – at the Worker Co-op Conference, the Rally for Worker Co-ops featured PA State Representatives Christopher Rabb and Kendra Brooks, check out this year’s WOSA Fellows, CA Employee Ownership Act + celebration with WORC, next mtg Nov. 17th 


  • The Co-op Academies Peer Network kicked off at the end of October! Cooperators who have led, participated in, or are generally interested in peer learning around worker cooperative academies are encouraged to join by emailing michael@usworker.coop.
  • At the Federation Partners Peer Network October meeting, cooperators from across the country discussed their network’s events and organizing plans for 2023, debriefed the Worker Co-op Conference, and did a peer learning exercise with Co-op Cincy. It’s been a year since the peer network rebooted, so the group also took stock of what has been helpful and where there is room to grow.
  • The Co-op Bookseller Peer Network did peer consulting with a bookstore interested in converting into a democratic worker cooperative model. The next meeting on November 15th will focus on commercial occupancy issues, such as leases and buying property. 


What’s coming up?

See our events calendar to register for the upcoming December Member Council & Peer network meetings

If you are interested in joining our Member Councils and Peer Networks, you can email michael@usworker.coop to be added to the lists and meeting invitations. 

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