Inside a Philadelphia – Baltimore Green New Deal Tour

Executive Director Esteban joined policy makers, community organizers, and elected officials in an inter-city exchange between Philadelphia and Baltimore (hosted outdoors and distanced in Baltimore). Together, about 25 participants (half from Philly) joined a solidarity economy tour of what a Green New Deal looks like at the municipal level.

The visit included land trusts, community gardens, neighborhood composting facilities, a meeting with architects about passive housing retrofits for low income communities in co-ops and land trusts, and concluded the trip with a visit to a Black food sovereignty initiative in the city that is incubating, among other things, a grocery food co-op.

This cross-city representative tour include our esteemed guest speaker for the ECWD last year, City Council President Brandon Scott (who is soon to be the incoming Mayor of Baltimore), PA State Senator-elect Nikil Saval from Philly, and a few Baltimore city council people and their staffers, and Philly City Councilmember Kendra Brooks from the Working Families Party. Our lunch was catered by USFWC member Red Emma’s.

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