Solidarity with Ukraine Cooperatives: Cooperative Development Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund

While Russia’s violent invasion of Ukraine continues to escalate, forcing civilians into the midst of a war zone, Ukraine’s cooperative businesses need support providing for their members and others in need during this emergent crisis.  In solidarity with Ukraine co-ops, the National Co-op Grocers, NCBA CLUSA and the Cooperative Development Foundation have launched a Disaster Recovery Fund to send donations directly to these co-op businesses, who are providing food and other essentials throughout the country. 

According to NCBA CLUSA, “COOP Ukraine, which includes 15,000 enterprises, 3,000 restaurants, seven hotels, 300 manufacturing businesses and shops, and 300 markets throughout Ukraine, is working to maintain operations so member-owners can continue to rely on co-op goods and services.”



The USFWC recognizes cooperatives as community anchors in times of crisis and the need for cooperation and solidarity among cooperatives around the globe.  While imperialism and militarism continue to threaten our most vulnerable communities worldwide, in this moment, we urge fellow cooperators to support co-ops in Ukraine, who are fulfilling an immediate and ongoing need for food, shelter and stability. 

Learn more about the Disaster Recovery Fund for Ukraine co-ops from NCBA CLUSA here.

Cover photo via NCBA CLUSA. 

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