WATCH: Worker Co-op Policy Pulse, Feb 2022

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Policy and advocacy work in the worker cooperative ecosystem is busier than ever. While the Policy and Advocacy Council meets twice a month, we know that not everyone is able to attend those meetings.

The Worker Co-op Policy Pulse is a quarterly, bilingual (English/Spanish) space for you to hear advocacy updates from the USFWC network. In this session, you will learn about advances made in our advocacy work, new initiatives to advance worker ownership, and the people who are pushing the fight forward. From local initiatives to state collaborations to federal legislation, the Worker Co-op Policy Pulse will get a birds eye view of how the USFWC, its partners and allies are working to expand broad-based ownership and democratic businesses across the country.

In this session, the first cohort of the Worker Ownership State Advocacy Fellows share their experiences and the projects that they worked on during their six-month fellowship. USFWC Board Director Denise Hernandez also recounts the recent Have a Heart for Home Care Workers and support Fair Pay for Home Care Rally in Albany, in which over 250 workers attended, including our member organization Cooperative Home Care Associates. Held on Monday, February 14, 2022, the really included workers from the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

View the slides in English and Spanish here

Check out some of the deliverables from the WOSA Fellows below:


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