USDA’s Interagency Working Group on Cooperatives discusses real estate cooperatives

Coming up on FRIDAY, 9/15 – the USDA’s Interagency Working Group on Cooperatives meets to discuss  Real Estate Cooperatives

The USDA’s working group focused on cooperative matters is getting to the end of its series of meetings with a meeting on September 15 and the final meeting on October 13.  The working group is a great opportunity for the legislators, staffers, and the public to get a closer look at how government agencies work together to promote cooperatives at the federal level. The upcoming meetings are as follows:

Real Estate Cooperatives Friday September 15 from 2-3:30 pm ET

Real Estate Investment Cooperatives are a means to reinvigorate Main Street and other real estate community projects by inspiring community members to invest patient capital with the goal of reaping a social and local economic return. Join the Cooperative Interagency Working Group Friday September 15 from 2-3:30 EASTERN TIME to learn more. Please use this link or the one below to participate. See the potential for transformation of Main Street by viewing the following videos about NorthEast Investment Co-op established in 2010.


  1. Welcome by USDA Leadership
  2. Purpose of the Interagency Working Group and its Website
  3. Private Sector on Cooperatives as a Development Tool
  4. Federal Programs to Assist Cooperatives
  5. Discussion

Envisioning an Equitable Cooperative Ecosystem Friday October 13 from 2-3:30 pm ET

Mo Manklang, Policy Director of the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives will be presenting at this session.

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Learn more about the Interagency Working Group on Cooperatives.


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