Recording: Get Your Co-op Ready for Tax Season 2021

It’s tax time – where do we start? This webinar will help businesses to navigate tax season, with an emphasis on the particular needs for worker cooperatives when doing their taxes. For startups, this will be a great opportunity to understand the processes and questions you need to consider in preparation for tax time. For existing worker co-ops, this will be a great refresher or learning opportunity for new worker-owners at your business.  We will only briefly discuss the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and related topics since they would require a separate webinar to fully address.

Longtime cooperative accountant Bruce Mayer will review the basics of worker co-op taxation as well as sharing the ways that the new tax law might change how you make financial decisions and operate your worker co-op. We will keep it as simple, with ample time for audience questions. The primary audience for this session is people somewhat familiar with how co-ops work financially.

You can access the slides for the presentation here.

About the Presenter

Bruce Mayer, CPA of Wegner CPAs works primarily on audits and tax returns of cooperatives, nonprofits, and commercial businesses.  With over thirty years’ experience, Bruce performs audits of all kinds and provides consulting services on taxation of nonprofits and cooperatives.  Bruce enjoys helping clients solve problems and providing clients advice on accounting and tax strategies that meet their needs.

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