The USFWC is calling for a nationwide moratorium on utility shut-offs. Here’s how you can support.

Over the last few weeks, the USFWC has joined with organizations across the country for a nationwide moratorium on shut-offs. We’ve had exciting progress on this effort, led by Senator Merkley (OR) and Representative DeFazio (OR-4). We encourage the worker co-op community to join the effort and to call their representatives to sign on to the letter.

Senator Merkley and Representative DeFazio (the head of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee) are co-leading a “Dear Colleague Letter” urging for the inclusion of the national utility shut-off moratorium in stimulus Package 4 (attached)!

Can you (and your organizational members/supporters) contact your Senators and House Representatives to encourage them to sign onto the Merkley and DeFazio letter? The deadline is Tuesday.


Sample script: “Please support a nationwide moratorium on utility shut-offs and sign onto Sen. Merkley and Rep. De Fazio’s Dear Colleague Letter.” 

You can call:

You can tweet: 

Your reps’ handles here 

Sample tweet: We call on [XX e.g. @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer] to join 100s of orgs and sign onto  @SenJeffMerkley & @RepPeterDeFazio’s letter demanding stops on all utility shutoffs, provide debt relief & invests in long-term solutions for #COVID19 package 4. #NoShutoffs

Sample image (downloadable)

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